Chilli Huel

I’ve just started with Huel for weight loss and initial results are amazing. I’m now considering ordering some unflavoured unsweetened to try some savoury things.

I love spicy foods and my selection of insane hot sauce in the fridge is calling me. I wondered if anyone had made a savoury spicy smoothie thing? I don’t want to cook with it.


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Would you be having it hot or cold? I find the idea of drinking savoury flavours very unappetising for some reason. For example I don’t like the idea of someone drinking soup out of a mug and not using a spoon… turns my stomach! And since I’ve always drunk huel cold from a bottle I don’t fancy the idea of eating it hot with a spoon.

Chilli, cocoa and cinnamon should do it

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Certainly sounds the most pleasant way.

I’ve grown Bhut jolokia for a while (ghost chilli’s) and from time to time I’ll drop one in a pint of beer - it’s like drinking fire.

I can’t imagine, erm, ‘deliberately’ drinking them in any way that’s pleasant.

I used to eat a lot of very hot curries and chillies, but as I have gotten older my tastes have definitely mellowed…I can’t manage them. I have a few bottles of those really hot chilli sauces with unpleasant names and warnings not to eat/drink neat.

A peach ghost scorpion is the way to go if you want ultra heat; and if that’s not you just look up chilli eating contests on Youtube and see others pain.

There’s the peanut curry huel recipe on the main site mixed reviews, but you could easily add some hotsauce to that. I would think you could make some kind of Thai curry huel with a combination of ginger, lemongrass, chilli and coconut milk, but you would want to heat it I think.

Some good ideas so far, thanks for all the help! The chilli cravings are
going as I enter the second week!

Thanks for nice suggestion! I will check it out soon.