Huel container leaks

New to Huel - read somewhere to add the water and shake to make it less sloppy. Just trying the Tomato and Herb one and it’s really liquid with just 200mls of water. But the container leaks - is it supposed to?

100% you should not shake the hot & savoury pot with boiling water in it.

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:x: PLEASE do not shake your Huel in the pot! :x: This can be very dangerous with boiling water inside and we would not recommend it.

I would suggest either mixing halfway through the 5 mins to see if this makes a difference and catches any powder that’s not properly mixed, or adding less water to find your perfect consistency.

This! what happened to a good stir with a spoon!

thanks Martyn but I read somewhere on here that to mix properly give it a shake! Won’t be doing that again.

I tend to use two spoons, one to stir which usually ends up with some of the powder on it and another to eat with. Just give it a good stir making sure you have all the powder at the base and you will be fine.

Leave for 5-8 minutes but 10+ for the pasta meals so the pasta isn’t hard.

Sorry for not addressing this! No, the container should not be leaking. If you could please send an email to with photos of the leak (if possible) and we will be able to help you with this.

Shaking H&S to ensure thorough mixing is a good idea - but it’s the dry ingredients which should be shaken, maybe that’s the confusion.

btw I don’t think the H&S beaker and screw-on lid is supposed to be watertight. Mine isn’t.


Agree with this!

It definitely isn’t supposed to be a perfect seal. The boiling water causes the air inside to expand. It needs to be able to escape, or the forum would be full of posts like “mi Hul H£A pto epxlided snd nwo i an bilnd!!”


Hot Pot v2.0

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Not very often I laugh out loud when reading forum posts, but that has really tickled me. :rofl:

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Me too @Darrenbryan10 :rofl: :rofl: