Tip for Huel users


I know I am new to Huel (a week), but I think I have a very good tip for everyone. Whilst shaking your Huel make sure the top is on correctly. I have just spent an hour cleaning Huel off every surface in my kitchen. :frowning::cry::sob:


Oh no! What a pain! :roll_eyes: I must admit to being ultra careful where the top is concerned and have been lucky so far :crossed_fingers:


Lol yep been there when I first started Huel, top not on properly and after shaking, Huel everywhere.
Once I opened a new box and there was a hole in one of the packets, kitchen looked like a drug factory,powder everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always have my finger on the top when shaking. I would never just trust a top to stay closed.


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An equally useful tip is: When taking your ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’-Huel out of the fridge in the morning, and giving it a good shake as a little water had settled on top, Don’t then immediately unscrew the lid to remove the grill (because it’s so lovely and thick it won’t pour through the spout).
I had a Huel explosion in my kitchen this morning - it was like a volcano erupting.
I was there desperately trying to put the lid back on and ended up with it all over my kitchen worktops, the floor, and my clean top.
Lesson learned the hard way… remove the strainer before re-shaking!!!
And don’t take the lid off just after shaking a chilled Huel


Haha, sorry :rofl: Glad I don’t use the ice barrier/grill :smile:


I tried a different shaker because I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs to get the Huel one. Mistake. Whilst it wasn’t coming out everywhere it was leaking. So up I went to the Huel one, transfered from bad one to good. That’ll learn me!


That’s weird I do those 2 things all the time, literally hundreds of times for the first one, and dozens for second. Never had an issue.


Really??? Why does my Huel explode on me then when it’s been chilled? It kinda expands
When I say take the lid off, I mean actually unscrew the whole thing. Which is a disaster because it takes ages for the thickened chilled Huel to settle back down into the bottle


Mine doesn’t appear to expand on chilling, but then I only have it in the fridge for 3-4 hrs. I mix 76g with about 400ml water. How much do you use?


Hmm, I always chill mine overnight so it has at least 10 hrs in a fridge; I use 500ml liquid to 100g Huel, so maybe not as thick, but I have taken to drinking it out of a pint glass recently when at home, so often unscrew the lid to pour it, rather than through the spout, and nothing like that happens.


Hmmmm this is very odd. Why do I have magically expanding Huel then?
I use 3 scoops with 500ml water. It becomes very thick overnight and always settles a lot and needs reshaking in the morning. I always pour into pint glass to drink - I don’t like drinking out of plastic beakers.


I do get the film of water on top sometimes and need to reshake, but would reshake anyway, but nope, no other issues


I prefer to drink mine from the shaker after licking the little cap thingy so it doesn’t drip.


I have an image in my head of HUEL stalactites hanging from your ceiling…
Bet you won’t do that again! :joy::rofl::joy: