Huel going fizzy


I have started to blend my huel (100g) with banana and cinnamon and leave it overnight in the fridge for lunch at work. Whilst it worked brilliantly at the beginning, I have noticed now that it sometimes goes fizzy/fermented. It’s obviously not tasty and I have to throw it away.
Has anyone experienced this?
I keep it in a Swell type of bottle, which should keep it cold and put it in the fridge (although our fridge at work isn’t amazingly cold…).
Would love some guidance on what might eventually happen here as it’s not a consistent result.

Never experienced that in my 3 years of Hueling but it sounds vile :nauseated_face: hope you work out what’s doing it! I usually don’t mix stuff in with mine, yours sounds a bit more like a chemistry experiment but it’s certainly not the craziest recipe on the forum.

It could be the metal bottle reacting with the cold and the contents. It’s always recommended not to store (opened) food in tin or metal containers especially in the fridge.

It could also / otherwise be that that kind of bottle is difficult to clean completely. If there is even a tiny trace of old food stuck in a bottom corner somewhere, the bacteria will spread very quickly.

I would try your plastic huel shaker instead for a while and see if this resolves the problem.
You could always decant it into an alternative bottle in the morning to take in your bag, if the shaker lid isn’t secure enough or you don’t like drinking from that shaker

I have only ever used my Huel shakers to store shakes in the fridge. Never had a problem like that :thinking:

Thanks all. @ChristinaT Good point, they are quite hard to clean as they’re long. I may go back to plastic. Only plastic tends to smell after a while.

The only things i can think of is if you haven’t cleaned the bottle properly or your fridge isn’t cold enough.

The only time I had that happen was when I left it for a few hours in the car on a hot day…certainly not in the fridge.

The good thing about plastic is you can sterilise them with baby bottle sterilisation tablets