Lost and found dirty huel shaker after 2 months

For two months I couldn’t for the life of me find one of my Huel shakers. It had fallen down the side of my bed in my sleep I imagine. Yeah, hadn’t pulled it out in a few months. Anyway I opened it up the clean it was empty as I had drank it all but the smell wad horrendous, and the huel looked yellow. I’ve scrubbed it clean with copious hot water and fairy.
But I’m afraid the smell might stay, I’ve left them to soak for a while, has anyone got any idea? :frowning:

Yes I know I’m a bit of a scruff for not cleaning behind my bed more than 4 times a years.

Have you tried Milton (other makes available) sterilising solution or tablets (the latter btw I find works better)?

Wow, that must have been a shock. Do you have a dishwasher? Perhaps after @JJMC’s sterilising tablets you could put it on an intense/hot wash a few times? Or alternatively purchase another shaker?

I’ll see about the sterilisation tablets, I think I have some somewhere, and there is a rather powerful dishwasher at work. I can blitz them in there tomorrow and see what’s what.

Thanks for the reply guys! :slight_smile:

my better half decided that i wasn’t cleaning my huel shaker properly, so she popped in a steradent tablet and soaked it overnight.

it now looks pristine on the inside, and is odourless, but the lettering on the outside has faded to just “Hu” (“el” has been rubbed away by my hands from all the chugging) and then there is the minor inconvenience of having lost the cap for the lid (i now have to place my hand over the hole whilst i shake it :sob:)

A new shaker is only £5 so no big loss.