Incorrect order?

I am back after a long time away from huel, and there is so much new stuff!

I ordered 3 vanilla and 1 berry (can’t wait to try that).

I forgot to order a new scoop but was amazed to see two in the box that I didn’t order, no big deal I guess.

But there is also a shaker bottle I didn’t order? Is this a mistake or are they given to orders over a certain amount these days?

Kind regards Amy


Scoops and shakers are given to all new customers free :slight_smile:
I guess maybe you ordered from a new email and postal address they thought you were a newbie, or perhaps it’s been so long you dropped off the system (?)
Welcome back!
Happy Huelling :grin:

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haha maybe! :slight_smile:

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I also got a shaker and two scoops with my order. It wasn’t my first order on my account and I was a bit annoyed at the waste as the shaker will go straight to the recycling centre. Would be nice to specify on the order page that you don’t want stuff, like you can with the t-shirts.

You shouldn’t have to specify because they shouldn’t have sent them.

I am sure someone here would buy your spare for the cost of shipping (although admittedly that would be about £4), but save recycling it.

Drill some holes in it and use it as a plant pot!

Drill 2 holes in it and add some elastic, wear it as a Huel party hat. Would look better in frosted, so if they haven’t sent you a frosted one, contact and request one.


Lol you are all very silly, I will use it as a bottle, I was just saying that int was in my order despite me not ordering it.



Unless you have literally no cupboard space left, a spare shaker is never a bad thing. I keep one at work and one at home


Ah, I do literally have no cupboard space left (household of four, we live in a state of constant nervousness of opening kitchen cupboards owing to the cascade of falling clip lock containers/water bottles/etc from them, I need to do a Thanos on them at some point but just have no time) and also none of us use shakers at all - the kids don’t eat Huel, my partner users a blender and I mix mine in a bowl with a spoon as equal weights of powder and water and eat it like a stiff batter. And we weigh our Huel and thus also had no use for the scoops we were sent. Like I said, straight to recycling, which is sad and avoidable. As a previous customer, I had not expected them.

Where are you? Maybe someone who lives not to far away can grab it off you, seems a shame to recycle a new one.

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Near Cambridge.

Maybe a Hueler near Cambridge would be grateful of a new shaker, I would if I was near you but I am 200 miles away.

Charity shop the shaker maybe? The scoops are useful for cooking measurements I’ve found. Also my cupboards are like yours - landslide when opened!

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