I have too many shaker bottles!

I’m giving away a couple of bottles and some (old) scoops as I have somehow ended up with four shakers and many scoops and I do not need them. They are clear and I can offer one new and one used (well cleaned, I am a tidy person). I just don’t need them and I don’t want to throw them away because waste, and also many people seem to not have any in their orders.

I live in the UK (Bristol), so can meet to give if its nearby, but if you are from further away in the UK, postage will def be cheaper than a new shaker

lmk, love from a veteran Hueligan


How is it possible to have too many shakers :stuck_out_tongue:

idk, one from a friend I think and a couple got sent by accident in the box when I ordered new huel!

Years ago I received a metal bottle, flavour boost , granola and some bars, assumed it was a thank you :joy:


I remember getting some granola too aaages ago! Sadly it was grim so it eventually went in the bin

Pretty sure there was a revision to the formula which made it much better but yeah I could never get into it. Horses for courses as they say

Just received another shaker in my latest order… :fearful: @Tim_Huel why do I keep getting shakers and scoops, I never ask for them! Feels like such a waste of plastic…


Me too, I got another shaker and scoop with my first order of Huel Black…

Another chronic shaker getter here