Unwanted Frosted Shakers

I have 2 frosted shakers. One is completley new and includes paper insert, the other has been used for water only and looks new. They arrived with my and my dad’s black order a few months ago, however they are surplus to requirement.
Let me know if you are interested I can post these out.

I may be, then i can make up 4 shakes at once instead of 3, and have a spare. I will see if anyone is in dire need of a shaker first though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there D,

I’d love to take them off your hands.

I’ve just renewed my subscription after a two year break from Huel, however I no longer have any of my previous shakers, and it seems like the store is completely out of stock of both clear and frosted.

If I cover postage, could you get them sent to me please?

Many thanks,

Hello Martin,
If you message me your address I can post them out. Once they have arrived you can PayPal me over the postage cost.

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Awesome, sounds good. Will do.