Shaker bottle - Frosted or clear?

Having ordered extra shaker bottles in both clear and frosted, I’m intrigued as to why they look exactly the same. Am I just getting whatever is in stock at the time or is it a lucky dip?
I know the important thing is what goes inside it, but the frosted one has a smoky look that’s quite cool (sad, I know).



I have both and, for looks, I prefer the frosted. Know what you mean though. I once ordered a frosted and got clear for some reason.

Awww, I want a frosted one even more now…

:laughing: yeah seems to be lucky dip!

Same with the t-shirts, I requested black but got grey even though it shows as black on my order lol
Probably if you email them they will send you another (hopefully frosted like you ordered lol)

I didn’t even know there were different ones or which one I have.

Ordered Huel for a colleague and she got the same shaker as me.

I have quite a few Huel shakers…but not one is frosted…

Compare the difference here:

Frosted shakers are for people with something to hide.


Oh yeah? :female_detective:

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I don’t smoke but if you breathed a load of fag smoke in the clear shaker would it look similar to a frosted one do you think. As I am sure your lungs would be like the frosted one if your a heavy smoker. :face_with_monocle:

Hmmmm… how did we get here I wonder? :eyes::thinking:

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Hey Rich that’s not right at all. If you ordered a frosted shaker you’re going to get a frosted shaker! Would you mind messaging me your 6 digit order number so we can get this sorted?


:laughing: love this :laughing:

Go Dan!

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I have the normal one. But I like it, cause then I can see the small red dots in my Huel and imagine all the good the lycopene will do :slight_smile:

I don’t mind either but tend to prefer the frosted. I know the lycopene is there so don’t need to see it all the time :grin:

Great, thanks Dan, will do!

I like my women like I like my Huel shaker…frosty.