Smudged shaker - fixed

Many of you have commented before on the ink coming off in your hands from the shaker. It is a problem we have been tirelessly trying to solve with Buchsteiner and have eventually come to a solution that is on the market for you.

If you received a shaker that looks like this then you have a new one :slight_smile:

Just in time for the summer, we noticed a serious surge in smudged shakers around the summer time - all those hot hands. These shakers will still scratch, that is impossible to avoid, but they won’t smudge!

Hope you all benefit from this improvement.


Hooray! Shaker 2.0.

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Do we get a new one with the next order?

My bottle now says “Hue:grin:


My old one hasn’t smudged.

We won’t be able to replace all older shakers I’m afraid @jepullen but all customers that purchase a new shaker will get one of the newer ones. We still have some stock of old frosted shakers and will continue to send them out with first time orders until we have exhausted them - a few days I expect.