One Sad Shaker?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if the logo on the frosted shake is ment to smug :frowning: I’ve only had it a maximum of two weeks and only use warm water to clean it? Any advise etc…



Hi Ryan,

Really sorry about this. It seems to be a problem with a bad batch. Buchsteiner, the company that make and have our shakers printed haven’t really commented on the problem yet. We will try and rectify this with the next batch.

yes this has happened with mine too - ordered about 3 weeks ago!! :pensive:

How German.

What do you suggest I do? I really like the shape and design of the shaker it’s a real shame really!

Mine faded a long time ago. But it is still the only shaker I have ever owned that never fails to keep its cap closed. I can’t say I care much about the logo fading. If I were to get a replacement I would wash it a little more carefully in the sink.

Just looks a bit retro but still functional :grin:

Very bad quality indeed. From day one, only with just a little touch with the nail, you can scratch and delete their ink…

Unless you really want a Huel branded shaker there are other cheaper alternatives - also made by Buchsteiner, and the same design. I have 6…