Huel logo on Shaker didn't last very long

Anyone else had this issue? Bottle is just over a week old!

Had the clear shaker for about a week now and though the logo is starting to fade it’s not nearly as bad as that.

Yeah, the logos don’t last. I wouldn’t worry about it. You don’t eat the logo, so it doesn’t matter really.

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Mine did same.

Since the guys at Huel added it free there’s no problems at all. But if you paid for it not sure you would buy it again. So worth noting for their feedback

In terms of quality I find it not necessarily good. The plastic on my cap broke the first time using it. Even before it was in the dishwasher. I didn’t hit anything with it, I just shook the bottle and when I set it down little pieces of plastic came off. It doesn’t affect usage but it’s a bit disappointing.

It’s free and I wouldn’t complain about it but my initial thought of ordering a few more wont hold. I’ll go for Amazon instead.

Sorry to hear about the problems with the bottles. We are looking for companies to improve our shaker but so far they are offering us extremely long waiting times. The search continues. Thank you for all the valuable feedback.

This from dishwasher or hand washing?

This happened to me on both of my bottles. Still usable, but part of the plastic has come off.

I have spoken to shaker supplier and they have done some testing see photos below. They said that they have changed the print ink so it should last longer in future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tomorrow they will receive the next results with more aggressive chemicals and powders.

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Mine also wore off after a week or two (its completly gone now) and I also dropped it and the rim of the cap broke off.

Let me know when the improved shakers are available to buy. I love the Frosted shaker with the Huel logo - looks great on my desk.

Mine looks the same after a week of usage. It has never been washed in the washer, always by hand. And not that manyt imes as I usually just rinse it very hard.

Got it for free, but was considering ordering an extra one. Will look somewhere else for one now.

Same here. In less than a week, the logo has come off.
Every time I hold the shaker, my fingers get black from the paint coming off…

I only rinse now as after one wash in the dishwasher, the logo was damaged.

It doesn’t matter as such but it’s a nice piece of design and makes the shaker more interesting so it should be built to survive cleaning much better.

Having said that, my shaker did come with a card insert warning that dishwasher use would cause the branding to be removed.

I alternate use of my Huel shaker with the Best Body Nutrition Shaker with Bullet Ball which I highly recommend

Mine is the same. The ‘l’ is slowly fading away. I only use warm water to wash mine as well so was naturally disappointed. That particular bottle is about 3 months old.

How odd! I’ve been using mine since I started Huel a few months ago, and it still looks brand new. I hand wash with warm water.

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Not wanting to start another thread on the same issue, but as a new Hueler I have found the same thing happening to my shaker bottle. The top layer of ink on the logo has come off after three weeks or so of daily use and hand washing in warm water. Underneath the top layer the ink is very sticky and spreads out, so now when I pick the bottle up I get black fingers. It’s not great though I should say that, since the first bottle was free and the second one has only cost me a fiver with free delivery and I am enjoying Huel, it’s my only gripe.

Same - all I’ve got left is the letter “H” :slight_smile:

Mine’s rubbed off too. It’s nothing to do with dishwashers because I don’t even have one, I just rinse it out as soon as I’ve used it most of the time. I think it’s when it comes into contact with hands. No big deal, it doesn’t make the container any less useful.

I really like the Huel shaker with its branding, but mine is less than a week old and has been exactly the same, even though I just rinse it by hand after use each time. Mine was one of the free ones also so its not like I mind that much, but if its not going to be branded either way I would probably go elsewhere for different bottles. There are some great ideas going around the forums though. :grin: