Huel logo on Shaker didn't last very long

The problem doesn’t appear to be how it’s washed but simply if you leave it in the fridge.

I left a made up shaker in the fridge overnight and when I got downstairs in the morning I took it out and took the dogs out for a cigarette in the garden, when I got back in the shaker had started to ‘sweat’ like a glass of water or whatever, condensation on the outside.

After picking the shaker up the ink where my thumb was over the ‘l’ in the Huel logo my hand was covered in ink and it had all smudged.

It would appear that the ink on the shaker starts to break down when wet (or possibly when wet and cold) and then becomes liable to smudging when you put your paws on it. You can see a similar wear pattern on the photos posted by other members above, it’s where hands hold the shaker that the logo wears off.

I’m wondering if this is because the ink hasn’t got a second protective layer over it.

The bottles for the Breville ‘Blend Active’ (whole machine including two 600ml bottles for twenty squid) look like they’ve got a similar ink on them for the brand, but it has a thin ‘gloss’ layer over the ink which probably seals it in.

That would make sense! I couldn’t work out when I’d done it to mine because I was pretty sure it wasn’t when I was washing it. I hope the manufacturers manage to figure something out. As a side note I am considering a Breville but I’m not sure if I would want more than 600ml capacity or not… We shall see. It looks more convenient than a stick blender and probably more than just a shaker too.

I got one because I’m lazy. And it’s not creating extra washing up as the only thing to wash is the blade thing.

I stick in 200ml of water, 3-4 scoops of Huel, a dash of Monin caramel syrup (with the coffee stuff at Sainsbury’s), fill it up to 600ml, stick the blade on, shake it a bit then zazz it in the zazzer.

If I can experiment with making it thin enough for me within 600ml I might get one. I prefer it blended but stopped because I couldn’t be bothered cleaning the blender. :grin:

Have just ordered a sample and if I go for it, with the free shaker i might have to try a layer of nail varnish over it, I used a sharpie on a mug to mark it as my own and covered with topcoat, so figure it would be similar here.