Shaker print coming off

I’ve been using Huel for maybe 3 weeks. The last few days I noticed the logo on my Huel shaker I got as part of my first order started to get tacky when touched.

Today it seems the print is coming off altogether.

This happens not to bother me at all - it will probably come off completely eventually but I’m not fussed about the branding. I just thought I’d let you know as I imagine other customers might be bothered, and presumably you might want the branding to last a little longer.

I’ve only ever handwashed the shaker with lukewarm water and washing up liquid. No abrasives or dishwashers involved!

Same here. 2x shakers. Black hands after first few uses and almost no logo left after a couple of weeks! Otherwise, great shakers…

I clean in the dish washer by the way, if that maybe is the cause?

Ah, that’s where he black smudge on my hand came from! I thought I’d got it from a whiteboard…

Don’t think it’s dishwashers, mine hasn’t been near one.

It’s pretty well documented that the logo don’t last very long.

But not well enough they want to do something about it? :wink:

Like I said, I’m not super fussed by the branding coming off. But from the Huel’s point of view, they are paying money to brand something and not getting the benefit of having their name out there. It also doesn’t reflect well on the quality of their main product.

And actually now I think about it, the extra cost of the branding is probably adding something to the cost of the product, so maybe I’d rather have no branding and cheaper Huel.

I’m allowed to point it out though, right?

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Proof that Huellers are Guardian readers perhaps…:laughing:

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Today is my fourth day on Huel and using the shakers that came with it.

I just had a look at my shaker and thought that there is some Huel powder on the outside. Tried to wipe it away with my finger and realized that the ink is coming off.

So, the same for me with the rather lousy quality of the print.

I seemed to now be using a different product altogether. It looks, smells and tastes the same but it’s much easier to spell.

“Hu…” is certainly a great product!

Seriously though the inking process needs to be altered or like the person said above, removed altogether.

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