Shaker ! With compartments 👍

Evening all
Just bought a couple of shakers from home bargains !!
At £1.99 I think it was a … errr… bargain !!

It’s a shaker with TWO compartments (one is segmented with an insert) and perfect for my daily huel consumption (may not be big enough for some huel consumers tho ?) image image

Not sure if it’s national …???
But this is it

PS it’s a supplementsdirect shaker image


Hmm…shame it’s not a little larger. 500ml not quite big enough for most of us.

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You could have TWO 500ml shakes???
I bought 2 !! For the price :flushed: can’t go wrong really
But I only have 300ml water in my 2 scoop shake :+1:

Very similar to the one I just got from Bulk Powders.