A Huel Smart Shaker

Hi all this is my first contribution to the forum.

I have been using huel for several months and must say it is an excellent product. Previously i would pick up meal deals and snacks at lunch which over the course of a year made me balloon.

Now with huel i no longer worry about breakfast, lunch or calorie intake, its all so straight forward. So with huel and indoor cycling (with a smart trainer and trainerroad workouts) iv managed to get from 5 10’ and 206lbs down to 184lbs. My target is to reach 174lbs but im quietly confident ill get there. So to huel and all others on this journey a big thank you and good luck to you all.

Now the main point of my post is a thought. There are some who take huel both as a breakfast and lunch replacement. There are shakers out there which come with spare compartments for extra suppliments/ powder (google smart shaker).

My question is would it be possible for huel to sell a shaker with a spare compartment big enough for 2-3 scoops. This way we can carry our lunch huel with us and just tip it in when needed? Just a thought or have other people a better idea iv missed?

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I’m using one of these:


Hey Fraz, welcome to the Huel Community :hugs: great to have you on the team!

Thanks for your comments and I’m so pleased that Huel is going well for you. Congratulations on your weight loss so far, those last 10lbs don’t stand a chance!

Do you mean the ones that attach to the bottom of the shaker? Spare compartments is something that has been talked about a few times, the thing is that

a) usually they are designed for protein powder, which you need less of (~30g/portion), whereas Huel requires far more (>100g/portion). Therefore Huel doesn’t fit in.

b) If there are some that Huel fits into, when you attach them to the bottom of the shaker the shaker becomes gigantic (like artillery round size!) and is usually compensated for by a slightly smaller shaker.

I like the idea of Huel ‘tupperwear’. Perhaps a metal seal-able container with Huel logo debossed onto it. Would need designing though so that it was easy to decant into the shaker.


I use these

They have a screw top lid so completely leak proof. No small parts or seals, so super easy to clean. And the round shape makes it easy to tip the powder into the shaker.
They are a little bigger than necessary - you could probably fit 6 scoops in. Personally I prefer 100g per meal.
They do the job though.
I bought a pack of 5 for a tenner.
I tend to weigh out 5 meals worth and have them ready to go.


If you like orange lids, they sell similar at Asda for £1 each.

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Orange lids with black stripes that look like a Bee by any chance ?


Haha. Nutter :laughing:

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Get the black sharpie out quick


Hi Fraz,

this one’s a top shaker with additional storage, you can store 3 lots of 50g of Huel in each compartment -

MyProtein Core 150

Here’s a referral code too just in case (35% off if you spend £40)

MyProtein Referral

This shaker is in Home bargains in pink and blue for £1.99 550ml with compartment under that can just squeeze 3 packed scoops.

image image image I haven’t weighed the Huel but it must be around 100g. Thought that might be of interest to you ‘make it up on the go’ huelers!

Thank you all for the input and support. In the end i decided to buy three small stackable plastic jars off amazon. I can put 1 scoop into each and drop them into my work bag.

Theyre expensive for what they are but hopefully theyll last.

The idea is a good one but the shaker itself seems a bit small for a 3 scoop shake, don’t you think?

As Tim said before :

This is especially a problem if one would have relatively big shakes like myself,
as I’d need (a) compartment(s) for 171g and I add it to 650ml water.
So I’d need a 1L shaker and the compartment(s), which I haven’t found so far.

So for me personally, I think the MyProtein Core 150 as mentioned by @JJMC is as
close as it gets. Yet still, 3x50g isn’t really it for me. The concept is good though,
because the storage compartment is placed inside the shaker instead of being attached
to the bottom of it.

I’ve additionally used zip-lock sandwich bags and filled them with separate servings of Huel when away for days out or weekends away and stored them inside a shaker. Worked well enough and a cheap and easy solution.

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I don’t know, I make my 3 scoops/100g shakes in 400ml! Perfect! The shaker isn’t my cup of tea Huel, I like mine chilled, but I saw it and was super excited about it! :joy:

Should we question our life choices when we’re constantly striving to make our own and everyone else’s Huel experience easier and nicer! :face_with_monocle::rofl:


Most of the bottles are just horrible. I dont like to bring the typical protein shaker to my work, its like yelling “heey look at mee, I am on a diet or getting my prrrrroteins”

I bought this one. Its 800ml, no one knows what I drink, is probably one of the most beautiful bottles I have found and its made of steel.

There is just a few good looking options, this is a pending task for Huel, to change its shaker or at least offer a much better bottle to buy.

This is one that I also would like to try

@Tim_Huel in case Tim can tell if there is any plan to update the bottle or the shaker

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What brand is that bottle at the top @airiartev? I can’t read it.
It looks ideal to clean. But has a weird shaped top (?) - what’s that about?

Dopper its called

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The top doubles as a cup.

I find the systema bottles ideal - easy to clean and leak proof and nice and lightweight