I've received my first order, with no scoop!

Hey Huel Community!

I’ve received my first order, with no scoop. So, for now, I’m using my old Protein World scoop. Which for the record is 3.5 Protein World scoops to get the same amount as 1 Huel scoop. It’s not the end of the world, but mildly inconvenient.

Please can I get the scoop if anybody else has had this issue?

Cheers, Jack!


Do you have kitchen scales? If so, you could weight the amount of Huel powder instead.

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Hi @Jacknoon

Really sorry to hear that. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will arrange for one to go out today.


No worries @Julian thanks so much. I’m loving Huel. The taste and convience are great

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I’ve got the scoops, thanks so much! Great customer service!


This post is 3 + years old but I’ve just had the same issue, no scoop and no shaker or free t-shirt as promised. So far 3 emails to customer support asking if the shaker, scoop and T-shirt are supposed to come separately have gone unanswered. I love the Huel product but logistics and customer service haven’t lived up to the product or the marketing of the brand. Its a shame.

@hunzas will be able to help you with that


Now I feel bad. I should be more helpful. @Daveraver1977 if you’ve ever ordered before or anyone has ordered with that same email address or postal address, the system will not recognise you as a new customer and will not add the scoop, t-shirt and shaker to your order automatically.

There is the option to manually add a free scoop however at check-out.
You also need to actually add the free T-shirt and shaker to your order and select your t-shirt size.

An email to team@huel.com should resolve the issue but they seem to have a massive back-log of queries at the moment so you might need to be patient…

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Hey there, what Christina says is bang on. Let’s say your other half has ordered Huel to the house then you won’t be recognised as a first time customer - nothing personal don’t worry! I’m sure we’ve received your email, and will get some stuff out to you shortly :blush:

Edit: Emilija has already responded to you :facepunch:

Hi, I ordered the bottled huel once before but you don’t need a shaker or scoop for that. When i ordered my first huel powder order I did add the shaker and t-shirt. I didn’t see an option for a scoop and it says you automatically get them with your first order on your website. I have three emails already with the huel team so wont add any more yet! Thx

Hmmmm maybe because you’re not a ‘new’ customer (as you’ve bought RTD) you don’t get the free shaker and t-shirt (?).
That would seem a silly rule, as you would obviously need a shaker for your first order of powder but I’m guessing the system isn’t clever enough to differentiate.
I’m sure you do qualify for the freebie but probably they need to add it manually as you are an existing customer

Edit: I see they’ve already got back to you. I didn’t notice :man_facepalming:

Ah I would have helped, but I was away (in Sweden) and couldn’t be bothered…back now, so normal service will be resumed.

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Woooo! @hunzas is back
You missed so much scoop excitement John
It’s been a happening weekend where scoops are concerned
Can’t believe you missed it


@hunzas oh yeah I forgot you was going to the Abba musuem


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I know you are probably joking…but yes I did actually go to the Abba Museum and enjoyed it. I knew very little about Abba beforehand, now I know everything.


I was joking but glad you enjoyed it. To be honest if I had gone over there I would of probably gone there as well, looks interesting.

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It was very interactive…you could sing along in booths and have your performance rated, mix songs, get on stage etc.

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This happened to me too, does anyone know how many tablespoons are in one scoop or how much of a cup is one scoop?

Just weighed some water. Huel spoon contains 93ml, 1 tbsp is 20ml. Not sure which huel scoop i have tho - new or old :^/

I imagine that powder would get packed tighter in a tablespoon as well, so it’s hard to be precise. I usually use scales

Ok, i used a measuring tablespoon (20ml one), scooped without pressing too much and leveled with a knife. 5 tbsp came up to 47g. In instructions on the package 2 scoops equal 100g. So there ya go, 5 tbsp is roughly one huel scoop

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