Will not buy again

This was the second time I buy Huel and the last. The reasons are the following:

  1. Your poor packing service. My order did not come in complete, the Natural Flavour Boost 10 Taster sachets were missing as per email sent to customer service

  2. To my surprise, there are no scoops in either one of my bags. I did not foresee that this company was so cheap as to only send scoops in the first shipment and did not keep the ones that came with my previous order when I finished it and threw the empty bags away.

  3. The fact that you force users to buy 2 bags. I don’t care what the reasons are, you should not force users to do that. One bag lasts forever if used as one single daily meal replacement.

  4. Your poor customer service. 24 hours after my first email about the missing Natural Flavour Boost sachets and no one has bothered answering.

You’ve just lost a customer and I will make sure to share my experience with my co-workers. In the meantime, I hope that you will send me the missing sachets and, at least, one measuring scoop.

I look forward to a reply…at some point…hopefully soon.


Regarding scoops, as mentioned in a different topic a few minutes ago, they are not packed
with every bag/order. This has to do with their choices on the environmental impact.
As mentioned at the top of their “About us” page :

Huel’s mission:

To make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimum impact on the environment and animals.

So adding scoops uncalled for, every bag or order, would prove the opposite.

Yes, it lasts a while depending on the amount you’re having. As the expiry is 12 months
from production, that should not be an issue at all I think. Just don’t order every week.
Why it is a minimum of 2 bags, I’m not sure.

It is known that they are pretty occupied with customer service lately, the go through the
mails in chronological order and will get to you, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


Wowowo relax dude, I am sure that you will be contacted and offered a solution

  1. Could be improved, wtf for the flavours, bad packaging?
  2. Now you know. Not a big deal. Keep mother earth happy
  3. Its called logistics
  4. Relax

a) They should indicate the scoop info for those of us who do not have the time to read their mission statements.
b) I don’t care how long their expiry date is, I don’t want to be forced to buy anything.
c) They should send an automated reply indicating when they plan on answering by. Someone else has indicated that he has been waiting for over 10 days…

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  1. No idea
  2. They should warn users
  3. I don’t care what it is, I don’t want to be forced into buying anythinh
  4. I guess I’ll have to…
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Next time we promise to not use with you any weapon while ordering Huel


I’m just jumping in on the word scoops. I loves them…I have big scoops, small scoops, red scoops blue scoops. Scooper trouper, that’s me.


No green scoops ? I mainly use my green one :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m never buying tinned tomatoes again cos I didn’t get a fork with my purchase and I had to buy a pack of four when I only ever need one tin at a time.


No flavour boost samples - that’s a bit rubbish. This happened to me too on my first order. I think there’s a glitch in the website / basket. They will rectify it for you so don’t worry. In the meantime, check out flavour / recipe suggestions here on the forum - there’s plenty ideas. Instant coffee and cacao powder are my two favourites.

No scoops - yeah, you don’t get scoops with every order. That would be a terrible waste of plastic. You can add them for free - they aren’t being ‘cheap’, just environmentally friendly.
They will send you more scoops so don’t worry, and in the meantime… use a spoon…?

Minimum order two bags - lots of people have said they want to buy just one bag, but they stand by their decision to make it a minimum of two, I presume to make packaging and postage easier and cheaper. 2 bag minimum isn’t that unreasonable. And no one is forcing you to buy anything. You saw the minimum order quantity and still chose to go ahead and purchase (more than once). Most people who purchase regularly are more than happy to order at least two bags at a time - it’s less hassle than ordering every few weeks.

Customer service - they have been uncharacteristically slow the last few weeks. Because they’ve had a massive backlog to clear. Usually they answer within 24hrs but lately it’s been much longer. I emailed a query last week and got a reply (and immediate resolution) 4 working days later, which isn’t too bad.
I’d give them another few days to reply before getting too mad. I know it’s not great, and we all want an answer in 24/48hrs (which they do usually do), but don’t panic too much, they will get to your email and sort it out for you.

We all love a good scoop scandal here. Keep up the good work


Must be the fibre.


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No need to be offensive @LBM
I actually tried to be helpful to you

Yes we all have a bit of fun on the forum too, but ultimately everyone is offering you help and reassurance that there’s no need to get so mad so fast and that your issue can be resolved.

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i use michael jackson popcorn flavour boost. very handy.

Missing you already.


Hey Luz, gutted to hear that you’re not happy with your experience. The missing Flavour Boosts is rubbish, we’ll get it sorted don’t worry.

I echo everyone’s responses regarding scoops, it can be a bit confusing if you’re used to buying things like protein powders or meal replacements. Since we know who has purchased before we can only send them out with first orders and since the scoops are pretty sturdy they last a long long time. It’s a small change, but we think it’s the right thing to do.

Just so you know, we do say to ‘Keep your scoop’, but I understand if you didn’t read the ‘Let’s Get Started’ booklet cover to cover, it’s there though.


Two pouches equals one meal a day for a month, that’s the reason but in reality reducing it to one pouch wouldn’t reduce the price all that much. It wouldn’t half it that’s for sure. Thanks for that feedback though, never say never.

Sorry for any delay, the team are smashing through emails and will sort you out with scoops and your Flavour Boost taster pack as soon as possible.


Just curiosity, but is “Let’s get started” booklet renewed as well ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Because it says it’s possible to add a scoop on check out, while it no longer is.
Can only add scoops to the next box in ongoing subscriptions.

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Nice spot. I’ll have to check the scoop option at check out and see where it’s at, sure there’s a reasonable explanation.

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