About to give up on huel due to poor customer service

Well as the title says I’m about to give up on huel due to very shoddy customer service, I got caught up in the subscription glitch where I was unable to cancel an additional subscription I had and did not realise. I attempted to cancel my subscription which it said was successful but later in the month still received 2 huel packages. Now cue my terrible experience with huels customer service.

I contacted huel in order to explain the issues I was having and had received an additional order I was wanting to send back after 10+ days of waiting I finally received a reply from a huel customer service rep, and all my problems where solved or so I thought, don’t get me wrong the rep was very nice it almost kinda made up for the long wait.

I have now returns my box of huel which was delivered back to huel HQ on the 22/03/19 and now I’m in the long waiting game for a reply again. And my money back! I love the product but if every time I encounter a problem I’m not sure it’s really worth going through this terrible process.

I would have emailed this complaint but the prospect of waiting 10 days for a reply I couldn’t be bothered.

I hate to be negative about what I perceived to be such a good company before encounters the customer service and hopefully these issues can be solved


Since writing this i have received my refund into my bank which is a positive, i do how ever still think there needs to be a some form of investigation into the customer service process from huel as this is not the only complaint regarding customer service. I do however understand the preasures you must be facing with a large increase in Huel’s popularity. But customer service should not take a month from start to finish.

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Worse customer service ever! This is my second time buying Huel and the last. In my order the 10 boost taster sachets were missing and none of the bags contained measuring scoops. I also hate the fact that they make you buy 2 bags when one bag lasts forever if used as one single daily meal replacement.

I hope they will have the decency to reply to my emails soon…

Bags never contain a scoop. For subscriptions it is possible to add a scoop to the next box
but I see the option of adding a scoop to the basket is no longer there, unfortunately.