I tried really hard to be pleasant through the ordering process on both my shipments of huel. This second time has been 10 days and i havent even a sign of movement. Almost 2 weeks and my order hasnt even been packaged??

I can’t get behind a company with so much trouble meeting demands for their product.

Naturally nobody replied to me when I made mention of a refund.

I am thoroughly dissatisfied and will NOT be giving any more of my money to Huel until they can appropriately manage their stock.

I also find it a bit strange about the lack of stock, I was waiting for about 2 months+ for bars but ended up just cancelling are trying some where else.

Lucky tho I wasn’t charged anything up front.

I ordered mine oct 9th still haven’t received it … they gave me a refund and promised to still send it since they messed up… still nothing … so I guess this is common with their company

@Propheticurge and @ImSoRad87, thanks for the messages. We’re so sorry about the delay to your orders, since we launched in the US the response has been fantastic and even better than we expected, so much so that we have actually become back ordered on our Vanilla and Unflavoured Huel. Clearly as a customer this is not good at all and we will be fulfilling your orders as soon as we can. We’re increasing production to ensure that future orders will not have irregular shipping delays.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and we really appreciate you being a part of Huel’s launch in the US. Although I’m not part of the US customer service team and don’t have access to either of your email correspondences, I have no doubt that your message will be responded to and they are purely working through the many messages from other customers in a similar situations to you.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused and please understand that we are simply managing demand and not ignoring you in any way at all.

I am in the UK and every order I have put in over the past couple of years has arrived promptly so I was surprised to read about delays in orders and am sure it is only temporary.

At least Huel are not blaming the delays on Brexit which seems to be the whipping boy for everything going wrong these days.:grinning:

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Its because they’re still relatively new here in the states. I understand
underestimating the popularity of the product but they shouldn’t be taking
money from the customer until the product is there and ready to ship.

It just seems shady that they reply to every complaint and concern until
you ask about a refund, then they clam right up.

I have been a Huel user for a year, I had issues with one of their flavouring products, emailed them about it and they replied promptly and refunded my monies all without me even asking for my money back !
They are most definitely not a shady company.
Any time I have contacted them they have been more than helpful in their replies.

They are still relatively new and the popularity of their products its growing, they are expanding into new markets.

They have replied within hours with any gripe I’ve had and fixed relatively
promptly each time…

Until I mentioned a refund.

I haven’t had one person from Huel USA reply to me since i mentioned a