Poor service

I added some bars for the 1st time to my next shipment & I suspected there was a problem with the system - page looked odd. So to make doubly sure it arrived correctly & before the bank holiday weekend - on the 22nd I sent this mail;

Hi Guys,
A few problems with adding some bars just now, so mailing to confirm content of the shipment before it goes out.
Can you confirm pls that the shipment for the 24th contains the following;
8 bags powder - 6 x original, 1 x U/U, 1 x Coffee - every 6 weeks as always
1 box bars - orange / cocoa - same 6 week interval for additional £24.75

Huey team replied on the 23rd with this;

Great to hear from you. Thanks for choosing Huel.
Looking at your subscription, that is all correct.
Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

On the afternoon of the 24th - I received another mail saying that there’d been a system problem and my shipment had been held to ask me which flavour of bars I wanted! Because I didn’t see this mail in time, i’ve missed the delivery I wanted and had double checked with you to ensure that I would get.

Evening of 24th I sent another mail

So if you can get the delivery to me by saturday by midday at no charge to me, then go ahead with the order above pls.
If you’re unable to do that, then just remove the bars and ship the 8 bags for delivery tuesday pls.

On the 25th I received this - I’ve left out rest of mail which was apologetic

I have spoken to our fulfillment team who have confirmed to me that your order is being dispatched ready for saturday delivery.

Noting that there was no reference to before midday as I’d requested I replied with this yesterday just after 2pm

ok thanks . Look forward to the order arriving by 12 midday tomorrow

Ive just received this from dpd

Constantin will deliver your Huel parcel
26th May ‍2018
‍12:44 - ‍13:44

About as unimpressed as I could be right now. I have no idea why it isn’t arriving before 12 but thats the absolute latest I was able to stay in. Ive dropped a mail to Huel team to let then know and I’m now going to start my weekend and Huel can sort this mess out. Best case a neighbour accepts delivery and everything will be fine except for the rubbish service.

i was told id get my order on tuesday however dpd are delivering it today! good service in my eyes however ill be at work when its delivered!

You can always go onto the DPD website and gove them instructions, like leave with a neighbour, or a safe place, or change the delivery time / date. I’ve never had a delivery issue with them or with Huel.

Was told they would deliver today but they havent.

Obviously really sorry to hear you’ve a bad time with this. When the weekend comes around it can always be touch and go with delivery cut-off times. We can’t guarantee delivery slots without upgrading the delivery and this involves more admin and can slow it down sometimes. Although I don’t know what happened in this case, I’m certain the team did everything they could. Mistakes can happen and I’m sorry if in this case you were affected by a mistake caused by us. However, I don’t know exactly what happened in this case.

I’s summarise the situation as a combination of someone not having the time to read my requests fully and there effectively being 2 email chains from your side and 1 from mine - sounds odd I know.

Appears that Huel back end had 2 mail addresses for me - xxxx@gmail.com and xxxx@googlemail.com. Not sure how it happened as I never type googlemail and haven’t for years now. On my end the mail client just shows xxxx in the address bar, with nothing after that and Google treats them as equivalent too. So the disconnect was hidden from me.

Anyway the end result is that Huel team have sorted things out and I also have a box of bars going spare. I’ll post separately with an offer to sell for a donation to charity.