Very disappointed

I made a purchase almost a month ago, on November the 10th. The estimated time for delivery was nov 20th. However, when I track the shipment on the UPS page, for some reason it says “Problem with delivery, wrong address. Wait while we try to sort the issue”, and it says the shipment is in a completely different city in the country.
I double and triple checked the address I provided and confirmed that it was correct.

Up to this point, everything is more or less normal. Someone probably misspelled my address for the shipment or something like that. We’re humans and we make mistakes; no big deal with that. The disappointment comes when I try to contact Huel, on Nov the 26th.

No response. On november the 29th, UPS reports it has returned the shipment, so I write Huel again on Nov the 30th. Again, no response. I write again a few days ago through the customer support web form. Yet again, no response.
Yesterday, I receive an automated message, stating that my order had been refunded. No explanation, no apology, no nothing at all.
This behavior is very unprofessional. I decided to choose Huel after careful study of the alternatives and deciding it was the best product for our needs. We need it for a sick person who sometimes has trouble eating “normal” food; that means we need to be able to RELY on the product; it’s not just a luxury or a substitute. However, this first experience shows very little reliability on your part. I’m still trying to decide if I should try purchasing from you again, or just go to any of the alternatives even if they scored a little less on our comparison. In any case, I think you should seriously improve your customer support and shipping process.

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That it pretty rubbish. I’ve been having loads of problems with UPS and DPD sending my parcels to the wrong depots and the wrong cities and losing shipments as well. It seems all the delivery companies have gone majorly downhill.

I’ve always found Huel customer service excellent however. They are a really small team so never reply immediately but usually within 24hrs.

I’ll tag @Tim_Huel for you. He’s very helpful !

Hey Daniel, thanks for the message. This doesn’t sound right but I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation. I will get in touch with the team and find out what is going on here. Sorry for any inconvenience, we’ll get this one sorted.

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