Delivery gone wrong

Been waiting over a week for my months supply of huel. It was last seen in holland, and from the shipment tracking page I could see that someone messed up the receivers name, the street address, the town name, and they even forgot to add the country (info was correctly provided to huel, I have it on the order confirmation form). The box sat in Eindhoven for a full week with no activity and then today the status was changed to “sorry but tracking information is currently unavailable”.
Reported this to julian. Awaiting response. I’m posting this here in Experiences because I’ve heard others have had trouble with their deliveries too.

@Julian will fix it. Unfortunately (actually, “fortunately”), this is not a problem on Huel’s end, but on the shippers. I’m curious; would you mind telling us who the shipper is? Some people have had a problem with Interlink, but others speak quite favourably about them.

Sorry @sanovine

I think you have now been updated but just to confirm your order was been delivered to a pick up shop nearby about a week ago.

Unfortunately the courier didn’t let you know this had happened. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Yes, picked up the delivery today. They didn’t leave the delivery paper which says where it should be collected. It did not help that they also failed to update the site, giving us no suggestion that it had arrived in this country.
But all is well now, and that horrible week of having to cook real food is finally over!

Yes it was interlink. The other deliveries were impressive; cheap and very fast. And this one too, had they just let us know it was available at the collection point. But I disagree with it not being Huels problem, I see it as Huels responsibility from the moment I pay until it is delivered intact. Fortunately Huel were quick to respond and resolve this, and I’m a happy hueler once again.


Semantics, because that’s not what I really said. I said “this is not a problem on Huel’s end.” I agree that Huel is responsible from order until delivered. It is Huel’s problem, but the problem didn’t originate on their end, but on their shipper’s end. Which they still bear responsibility for (as evidenced by @Julian’s good track record on making things right).

Glad the horrible week of having to cook is at an end!

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