Sent me the wrong items

So, I just ordered a big package. 4 packs of huel, sweetener and also 80 Bars.
When I received my items I noticed that I was missing almost every single bar.
In the package was only my Huel and 5 bars, missing 75of them.

My question is, how long will I have to wait until I get the rest of my items?
It took med 7days to get my package, will I need to wait 7 days more to get the rest?
I think this was really poorly done by “Huel” and I hope that no one else has to experience this.

I’ll leave a review when I acquire my items.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this - my colleague Aidan has just responded to your email to rectify this for you.

Really don’t see why people post this sort of stuff on forums and email as well? Save everyone a click and just wait for your email to be responded to… THEN if it it isn’t sorted, fair enough, make your problem public.


The orders I’ve made so far have arrived correctly and in full the day after purchase, so there’s some evidence that yours wasn’t a typical experience. Hope you get the rest of your order soon!

[shrug] With some companies it’s a necessary step to get a prompt response or sometimes any kind of response. I don’t think it’s bad form unless the poster is rude or abusive.

For the record, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Huel; their customer service is among the best I’ve seen.


Got contacted directly and my items are on their way to Sweden.
Agree with Michael, best customer service i’ve seen!


The idea is to publicly shame the company into fast action. Definitely effective if you’re sending emails and getting no reply, but comes across as OTT often.

Well i get that, hence why I said go for it if you don’t hear from them. Perhaps bad wording on my part.

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I was tutting at OP taking the nuclear option more than anything else :wink:


Just for the record my order turned up 9:30am on the second working day - which i thought was very prompt.

It was complete and I am very happy.


Thank you Georgia :blush: