I placed the following order: #67190-EU 2 October 2019
I did not get the usual e-mails from Huel

I tried to reach out: Your request (209806) has been received and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since then… nothing from your side.

Well, the money is gone, soo… I would love to hear about my package.

Otherwise the product itself (Gluten free 2.3 U/U) is like 10 stars out of 10, soo… yeah, but this communication is seriously f*-d up this far, I hope I’m wrong on this, please get back to me as soon as possible.

I agree GF UU is awesome :sunglasses:

Unfortunately it’s now the weekend so you’re unlikely to get a staff response on here until Monday.

If you’ve emailed customer services, they will get back to you. But they seem to be pretty slow at responding. We are all used to getting an immediate response from companies by email, or at least hearing within 24hrs… but Huel is a pretty small team and they always seem to have a back-log so it can take them 3-5 working days to reply sometimes (sometimes it’s much faster but you never know really).

I’ve always found their customer service really excellent (aside from the delays / back-logs in emails), so if I were you I would relax and try not to worry about it over the weekend.
They will get to your query and sort it out… you just might need to wait a bit…

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Thanks Christina, by the way the emails came in 10 minutes ago… strange, but its all good. :smiley:

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Aha ha! They must be working late!
Well that’s cool, not such a long wait for you after all :grin:

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I’ve had delayed emails from Huel recently too. Perhaps they’re sending them Second Class.

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Lol it does vary a lot! Sometimes I’ve had a response within a few hours. Other times I’ve had to wait a week. I think because I know they will always resolve issues so well once they get to them, I don’t stress if I don’t hear anything for ages. If it’s your first time needing to contact them though, I can see how it would be worrying / disconcerting to not hear anything back for a couple of days.

If they sent their emails via Royal Mail second class, they would be delivered to the wrong street completely. Grumble grumble grumble. I don’t have much luck with Royal Mail or DPD in my area! Hermes and Yodel on the other hand are fantastic (suprisingly - because I hear nothing but bad stuff about them. But they are brilliant where I live)

I managed to divert that topic completely. I blame @David