First order - Two months late - Most items missing - No customer support!


Hi there,
The title says it all. I put my first Huel order late November last year. It arrived at the end of January this year. while I was waiting for it, I contacted your support and they gave me a tracking number that didn’t work.

After the order arrived two months late, I discover that two thirds of the items I ordered were missing.
I contacted your support three times now with no reply. I can’t call that bad customer support, it’s more like no support at all.

I already have two support ticket numbers : 25952, 85409
Could you look at the emails and respond?



Tagging @TimOfficialHuel for you.
Hopefully he can help


Or @OliviaOfficialHuel ?


Sorry for the slow reply on this one.

I can see that we received your email at around 5pm Monday evening and we haven’t quite got round to it yet (it’s been a super super busy week for us).

I’ve spoken with the fulfilment team and they sent me over the photographs that they take of every order before it has shipped.

From the photograph, we can see that everything was included in the box so they looks to have been a mix up somewhere here.

Could you please send us over an email with a photograph of the white sticker on the inside of your box? This will allow us to check if you have received the correct order.

We can absolutely get to the bottom of this for you.


Hi Olivia,
Thank you for the help.

I have already thrown the cardboard box, but I kept the paperwork that came with it.
I sent you a picture of both the box contents, and the paperwork.
for your reference, the paper says that the box was shipped on January 10th ( 6 weeks after I placed the order). was the picture taken on that day?




Any update regarding this issue?