Problems with ordering

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Huel for almost 2 weeks now and I love it! I have struggled with obesity for most of my life and Huel has given me great hope that I can actually make meaningful improvements in my health and fitness. I’ve been inspired by many of the weight loss posts in this forum and hope that I can achieve similar success. I’m also getting married in about 5 months so I’m hoping Huel can help me with my wedding diet!

The problem is that I only have enough Huel left for another 1 or 2 days and it’s proving surprisingly difficult to order more.

I’ve exchanged many emails with various staff at over the last week or so about this. The staff I’ve been dealing with have been very friendly and well intentioned, but as of today I am almost out of Huel and I have no idea what’s happening to my order.

I’m not going to go into the full details because life is too short but I will give one example:

I double checked my order with a staff member and they confirmed that my order would be processed the following day. The following day I received one email saying that one item from my order was out of stock. There was a space in the email where it was supposed to say which item was out of stock but the space was blank. When I emailed about it, a different staff member said they didn’t see any unfulfilled orders on my name so they weren’t sure why I received the out of stock email.

That’s just one example of many strange inconsistencies that I can’t explain. I think the main problem is that different staff and emails are all saying different things and no one really seems to know what’s going on with my order. I want to emphasise again that the staff I’ve been dealing with have been very polite and friendly.

So I’m posting here to reach out to fellow huelers to see if you can help - has anyone had any problems like this before? If so what happened? What’s the best way to get this sorted?

And if any Huel staff are reading this - does this sound like a problem you’ve dealt with before? Can you pass on any advice to help your colleagues fix it?



Hi there, thanks for the message and for raising this. I’ll raise this with the EU CS team to find out what has been going on. Sorry for any stock issues our end.

It seems like your case is fairly unusual and not something that happens often, in addition to us discontinuing the 5-Bar boxes which added confusion as you weren’t on the mailing list. I believe the team are sorting/have sorted it with you(?)

Sorry for any inconvenience, I’m pleased to hear that the team have been polite and friendly.

Thanks Tim, yes it’s all sorted now and shipment is on the way. Thanks for your help!