Difficulties contacting Huel

I’m concerned that I have made numerous attempts to contact Huel over the last two days, but each time, with negative results.

No one at Huel as replied to several emails I’ve sent, nor does the phone number supplied on the FAQ page work.

I recently was sent an email to inform me that a subscribed delivery was due for delivery shortly. I am no longer at that address and sought to cancel this order. I have not managed to get through to anyone at Huel, and no one has replied to several emails I’ve sent.

Is there a problem at Huel?

Hi David. No doubt @Tim_Huel will be able to help.

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Hey David, Huel have an excellent track record with customer service, so I’m confident they’ll sort it out soon. I am pretty sure they work cases on a “first come first served” basis, as opposed to “most mailed first served”. Clearly they have a long backlog of Xmas orders for Huelers’ loved ones. I for one bought my whole family their powdered goodies in November, something to bear in mind for next year

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your response.

My concerns are that none of my emails have been acknowledged as having been received and I am unable to contact the company via telephone. I appreciate that some company’s may face increased demand over certain periods, but then I would expect to be advised as such. A simply response informing me that my email has been received, and that someone will get back to me would be a start.

The telephone number supplied on the FAQ page does not work, and I am always concerned when companies keep their customers at such an arms length.

Hi David, we’ve just been working through our emails, you first email was received at 7am yesterday and the second one at 8am was also received. I believe we replied at midday today, sorry for any delay. Not sure why our phone number didn’t work, sorry for the inconvenience. I believe we’re sorting this via email now, but our returns information is here.