Service sucks!

I’ve been a BIG fan of Huel and even recommending to everyone I know, I till now.

I decided to become a subscriber, and that’s when things changed. My order was placed, money has been taken but now 8 days later, no product, no email about shipment, nothing.

I’ve sent about 6 emails since last week and not even once have the replied.

I don’t know what more to do.
This is so frustrating and since I can’t call anyone, I just have to rely on sending more emails which will continue to be ignored.

Thanks Huel!


there is a contact number on the main website of 01296 678516 as well as a live chat feature

I tried that number but with no result unfortunately

Ring them, I’ve experienced the best customer care ever from Huel, can’t fault it

I think they are all hiding from the placard wielding vegan ayatollahs after yesterday’s announcement. I hear Mr. Broccoli is already picketing the Huel office. I read it in the Daily Raymondcal.


Same here. Ten days and no delivery. Emailed multiple times and no response. If it ever does arrive I will be away now.

Try the live chat see the symbol in my photo bottom right hand corner

Thanks everyone for the replies and tips!
Much appreciated!

The chat is not available in my country it seems, only the US site has a chat (what I can understand)

BUT I just got a reply from the team, there were some technical problems on their part apparently, and the order will be re shipped.

So this isn’t optimal but to be fair they now have at least replied.
Thanks again everyone!

The UK site has live chat too

So sorry for the delay Joel. Glad to hear your order has been reshipped.

Any chance of anyone getting back to me on my order? Ten days still nothing Order: #75158-EU