No shaker or scoop on first order


I was super excited to find my huel order had come yesterday but when I opened the box my shaker was missing as well as my scoop. I don’t currently own any other kind of shaker or capped bottle and can’t find a deffinive answer on an alternative sized scoop. I’m not pleased. I had my diet plan scheduled and now I have to move it to make up for not being able to use the product. Please remedy this.

Did you tick the box that it was your first order? Did you receive the t-shirt?

Also a scoop is typically 38g.

Yes I received the t-shirt. The shaker was on the printed receipt in the box as well but no shaker.

I know it’s not ideal and you should definitely contact customer service. But if you really wanted to continue with your diet plan, there are several ways you can still do it. Like he said, a scoop is 38g. You can blend it in a blender or using a hand blender and pour it into a cup to drink.

he? he??? :yum:

It. (and a few more words to appease the system).

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Yes. I had many difficulties trying to get he and lot’s of ? to come out.

Still no word from customer service. I emailed, posted on the Huel facebook page, direct messaged them, and filled out the online help form. Still nothing. There is no phone number I can find to call them either.

it was the weekend.

Yeah, don’t panic yet, Huel is still small (or sensible) enough to have Monday-Friday office hours. You’ll hear from them today, I’m sure.

I work on the weekend… Why does that have anything to do with it?

Hi there, sorry to you haven’t been replied to. I see you’re a US customer so I have contacted the team in LA and asked them to get a shaker and scoop out to you ASAP, so sorry that it was omitted from your order. We’re on it.

In the UK we only work occasionally. No-one works at weekends. That’s why we’re a 3rd world nation.


Sothan has put in a request for a shaker and you should get it 5-7 business days. Let us know if you need any help making your Huel until then. Sorry again for the inconvenience.