Shaker Hygiene - Inevitable Odour

We’re a three shaker household, one reserved for Gluten Free and two for the unflavoured variety. First shaker came with our first couple of bags so it’s been in service for around two months. I got a second one so I could have one at work and have one waiting at home in the fridge.

I wash everything in tepid mildly soapy water every day before refilling and have noticed the oldest of the three shakers has taken on a real “Huel” odour. If you leave it to dry on the sink board opening down then it smells of gone off Huel (it’s never contained Huel gone bad). If you dry it opening up then the smell is a lot less, but it’s always there. Also when drinking from Shaker, I normally try and squeeze the last drops out by removing the top and holding the shaker up like it contains the last drop of clean water known to mankind, I’ve noticed that the liquid around the screw edge at the top tastes pretty horrible. First noticed it around two weeks ago and since I’ve been cleaning as much as I can with no real improvement. The newer shaker (around a month old) doesn’t have the same symptoms

The are cleaned in their own bowl (bought for the purpose) with their own cleaning utensils (also bought for the job) so it’s not some contamination from other pots and pans.

My conclusion is that over time the plastic in the shakers absorbs some elements of the Huel. Happens with every sports drink holder I’ve ever had so not really surprising. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is doubting their sanity

What does your ‘gone off huel’ smell like? I once left a shaker for a few days (with the lid on!) and it had a sickly sweet fish smell!

Ever since I’ve made sure to at least rinse them out thoroughly straight after use. And if the bottles ever do get a bit smelly/stained then I leave them overnight full of water and soda crystals, which seems to work.

More of a sour oaty smell, like old rotting cardboard. Good tip will give it a go

Yum! :yum:

In terms of rinsing straight afterward (yes, yes, yes!!!), what I do is fill it to a third with hot water and then shake it as hard as I can. That seems to dislodge everything and leaves it shiny and well-smelling

Yes, they can stink after a while.

One thing you can do is to wash them with baking soda. That can help.

Try soaking them with Milton baby bottle sterilising fluid. Always works a treat for me.

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