Cleaning Huel shaker

Hi all,

I usually take pretty good care of my Huel shaker, making sure to rinse it out thoroughly every time I use it. However, I accidentally left it for a day or two while away, and now my shaker has taken on an interesting odour that I can’t seem to get rid of. Is there any way to remove this, or should I just toss it and buy a new one?

Thanks in advance for your tips and help.

Hi. I would recycle and buy a new one.

I would search on the internet this problem but with protein shakers, is more common in the gym culture and also the protein shakes smell much worse after several hours

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Have you tried soaking in a saline solution? Or Milton?

Could do, cheers! I’d like to avoid buying a new one if possible - this one is only a couple of weeks old as I lost my old one haha!

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Try baby bottle sterilising tablets
Soak for 24 hrs

Ah, would definitely try the above tips then :grin:

Dishwasher normally solves for me.

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That should do the trick


Try white vinegar. Not distilled vinegar (which is for cooking).

I left a shaker for a week once. It was a bitch to clean. I don’t remember it having a bad smell after. I think I soaked it for an hour or so in fairy liquid and then gave it a thorough scrub and it was fine after.

Ah this is such a nightmare, love these ideas from the team here. Good Huelkeeping newsletter maybe needed? @Coup can be editor.

Going forward, if you know you’re going to leave your shaker - e.g. leaving office and remember your shaker is on your desk and you really cba to clean it - then just pop the cap. This will defeat the worst of it when you return in a day or two.


Mmmm… That old editing problem is back again @hunzas :roll_eyes:

I once left one of mine for a couple of days while away and it was stinking as well. I just soaked it in hot water and fairy liquid for a while and scrubbed it, smell was still a bit there but went after a while. I always now try and rinse it asap when away.
Normally after drinking Huel I find I waste a lot of water rinsing my shakers out cleaning them though.


I part fill my shaker with water after my Huel meal, give it a shake then empty and wash in hand hot water with wul. Quick rinse under the tap and it’s done.

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Try adding Branson Pickle to your next smoothie using the smelly shaker, you wont notice the shaker odour. I believe this is a regular Hueligan solution.

P.s. please don’t actually do this :wink:


Good idea @Bee that works a treat thanks

I think it’s @Coup that needs advice on how to wash up

I beg your pardon?

I just get the impression you need help washing up :wink: :rofl:

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Let the ribbing commence. I’m too lazy to edit my comment.
Plus I have loads of washing up to go and do