Huel shaker, is it recoverable

So the fancy new huel shakers, my fella put mine away in the cupboard and it still had huel remnants in it, I pulled it out 2/3 weeks later and holy mother of GOD the smell…is it recoverable or should I just bin it?
I’ve tried bleach, fairy liquid, left baking soda in it, left vinegar in it, left coffee beans in it & I swear to god I can still smell it when I open it!
Why o why does the smell weld on to it :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Oh wow, you really have tried to recover it. We were discussing on another thread the benefits of leaving the lid off the shaker once your have cleaned it as opposed to screwing it on. If you do this it can air and will reduce the smell massively.

However if there’s no luck there then you might need a new one. I assume you have tried the dishwasher? I’ve had some pretty honking shakers before and manage to salvage them, so I believe in you!

Just checking, did you use white vinegar or the type you put on chips? White vinegar is used for cleaning.

What about if I need to clean my chips? Which do I use?


I believe that even if you manage to get it clean, the smell won’t go away: most shakers “absorb” odours and retain them for quite a lot of time. I’d suggest getting a new one, time and things you’re using to get it clean will end up costing you more than a new one :slight_smile:

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If you were intelligent and funny, you would have said pollock of epic portions to fit with the chippy chips comment.

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I’m quite happy calling you a pillock thank you.

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It’s a bit late now, but I’ve never come across a plastic bottle which doesn’t smell if the lid is sealed when some moisture left inside it. Even water bottles stink after a while.

Your best bet is to rinse it with boiling water, dry it thoroughly, then leave it to air for a week or two…. Then never store it with the lid on, even if stored empty and dry, as the moisture in the air will go stale after a while.

Exactly this.

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