Contender for Worst Smell!

Im sure some of you gym goers have done this in the past and this was my first time doing it with Huel.

Have you ever gone to the gym, drank your protein shake only to leave it in your bag to be found a day or two later? well I have just done it and left it over the Christmas period. The smell when I opened my shaker was horrible it made me retch so badly! luckily for me the new Huel shaker took one soak and a tough wash and the smell was gone. I know that I have had to chuck away other shakers in the past as the smell wouldn’t go so thumbs up for the new shaker!

Just thought I would share.


I wish you hadn’t… :joy:


I like to share :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I went to watch Cher perform once. Bizarrely she was being supported by a tribute act. The tribute was also very good and I could hardly tell them apart

It was Cher and Cher alike.


:boom: BANG! And the dirt is gone.

Haha, but yes, that’ll be the magical Tritan plastic working it’s magic, so good at keeping smells out. Most shakers are made of polypropylene and it has quite an open structure, it’s why the old shakers go yellow in the dishwasher.

Also, @hunzas when are you going to invite us to your stand-up performance?


:laughing: :laughing: Good photoshop skills

I’m sure I heard that one on Ken Bruce’s radio show a little while ago… ;o)

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At least it shows that Huel isn’t just some sort of “dead material” or pulverized cardboard… :laughing:.

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