Huel seems to ferment now?

I have been using Huel on and off for a couple of years.
just signed up for a 4week sub.
i make a shaker about 8:30am and sometimes dont get to drink it till the evening - very busy work schedule , i know i know not great - working on it.
when i open the shaker it hisses (gas comes out) so i pretty sure its fermenting.
new bags, clean filtered water. seems to taste ok ish.

Drink it as soon as i make it i guess. Anyone else seen this?

Mine said this last week

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Mine sometimes hisses when I take off the lid, I don’t think it’s fermenting though :laughing: I imagine it’s just a bit of pressure inside after shaker and the temperature changing.

I have left mine in a car on a hot day…that certainly seems to ferment or at least fizzes and tastes horrid. But otherwise nope.

it is definitely off gassing, the shaker is swelling. (the bottom of it starts to dome out) I suspect it’s the friendly bacteria waking up. and sometimes tastes bad if you leave it a little too long.

Are you storing it in a fridge?

no its just on my desk with a plan to drink it as soon as i make it but it gets left sometimes.

From FAQ:

Once you’ve prepared your Huel, keep it refrigerated for 24 hours. You can save more time and make up your breakfast the night before, plus it tastes great cold.

If you’re on the go and don’t have a fridge handy, providing the temperature is cool, your prepared Huel can stay fresh for a few hours.

So you shouldn’t drink it if it was left not refridgerated.

yeah dude agree with @kysek here. If you’re not going to drink it straight within a few hours, pop it in the fridge to keep it fresh! I also very very much doubt that the powder is going to ferment, it’s not like you’re making Kombucha :rofl:

I know someone who left a made up shaker of U/U in the car on a red hot summers day for a good few hours and then drank it warm. I nearly gagged but it didn’t do him any harm.

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I looked for an ‘ugh’ emoji, and couldn’t find one. But basically: ugh.


I found an ‘ugh’ for you.

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Think I’d use those two.

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Ongoing warmth and Huel are not a good combination.

In my experience refrigerated Huel will be good to drink for up to 24ish hours
Un-refrigerated in winter usually lasts most of the day
Un-refrigerated in summer lasts maybe half a day before it starts to turn.

The louder the pop when you open the lid - the more you need to dump it :wink:


Option 1: Try to get yourself to eat your Huel shake within an hour or three.

Option 2: Get a decent vacuum flask of choice. Pour you shake into it, add a couple of ice cubes (or store the flask without its lid in the refrigerator beforehand, so it’s cold), put the lid on, … but, uh, your body needs energy, so maybe try to eat your Huel shake within a few hours anyways? (Chilled vacuum flask, to keep your Huel cooler for at least some time.)

yeah that was a big part of the plan, was to heal my gut and eat more regularly. instead of binging on junk food when I am starving.
it was the whole reason to get Huel in the first place. i like the idea of the ice cubes and vac flask, good idea.

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