Huel shaker horror stories


I really enjoy Huel products and like the overall design of the plastic shaker bottle. However, twice now while shaking with the Huel shaker bottle, the contents inside have leaked out through the thread and have gotten all over the place. This is because the threading is simply not long enough to make a consistent strong seal, and I have submitted feedback stating additional thread should be added to keep it from leaking. In addition to this, I am creating this thread in hopes other users will bump it when this also happens to them to support getting this change made.

Hi Jon, welcome to the forum. I think you might have a faulty shaker. I have three of them and they don’t leak. It’s definitely possible to screw the lid on incorrectly though, and you’re correct that a different design could prevent this.

Huel don’t manufacture the shakers but maybe they’ll switch to a different one if enough people complain.

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I find occasionally my oldest shaker that has been through the dishwasher a lot has this exact issue. I don’t know if it has changed shape a bit over time or with the heat of the dishwasher but I am mindful of it when screwing the lids on.

But it has only leaked a small amount while shaking; a couple of drops on the counter and one or two maybe on me. Nothing world ending.

Mine doesn’t leak unless I screw it on slightly askew. If yours leaks even when you’ve lined the threads up correctly and have screwed it all the way, then I reckon it’s a duff shaker.
If you email them I’m sure they’ll send you a new one.
Maybe @Tim_Huel can help you out :blush:

Same here. Shakers only ever leak if I cross thread them.

Nope Jon @Jon_Rurka, I’ve never had a problem with the shaker either. They are manufactured by a 3rd party who produce many more of the same model for other companies and have done for years, so if there were any widespread faults they’d have been dealt with by now. So I guess yours is a dud.

Thanks Jon for the shoutout, sorry your shaker has leaked. Hope that nothing was damaged in the shaking process? :grimacing: As the guys above have said, the shakers are produced by Buchsteiner, tons of companies use the same Buchsteiner MixMaster, we just get the Huel logo printed on there. Would love to tweak and change it, but doing our own shaker would probably take years. One day maybe!

You’ve come to the right guy. @Jon_Rurka DM me your last order number and I’ll get a replacement out to you, no problem.

I find i have this problem with my frosted shaker but not my two clear shakers, never really considered it life threatening as i blend then give it a shake before i drink it and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Last order is #715834.

Thank you

Thanks for sending this over, the replacement shaker will be on it’s way to you :slightly_smiling_face: