Shaker is awful - the water is coming out of it

I’m new to Huel, just received my first 2 bags yesterday.
The very first positive impressions were ruined while i tried to fill in the supplied shaker with water. The problem is - the shaker is awful, the water is coming out of the shaker.
Despite the fact the top cover is closed and is completely tightened - the water is coming out of the shaker through the carving while shaking.
The question is - what am i doing wrong ? :slight_smile: Does any other users experience the same issue ?

I’ve had 3 clear Huel shakers and none of them have ever leaked. What do you mean by “carving?” do you mean the threads? Have you cross-threaded the lid?

Once I gave it a good shake when I hadn’t screwed the lid on right - it wasn’t so much a leak as it was an eruption of Huel over my kitchen units and ceiling…

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User error

  • Cross Threaded Lid?

If you’re struggling with ‘wrist torque’ then suggest filling said shaker, screwing lid hand tight (no cross threading); place on flat surface - uncap the lid and hold at 90 degrees to the bottle. Then use the extended ‘cap retaining band’ to as a built in torquing device

This technique is particularly useful when undoing an over tight lid / wet hands or post excessive gym wrist curling…

I’ve never had an issue in the 8 months I’ve been using two Huel shakers.

Are you trying to put the lid on whilst holding the shaker in one hand and the lid in the other?

I find it almost impossible to get the lid on right unless the shaker is placed on a solid surface. Not the shakers fault - it’s me being clumsy! There were a couple of mishaps early on when i managed to cross thread the lid and using the band as a torque device as @SunnySussex has suggested works very well.

I find I frequently cross-thread the lid if I’m not paying attention. And this can be a problem with many of the different shaker bottles I’ve tried.

The best technique is to place the bottle on a flat surface. Place the lid on top and then turn slowly anti-clockwise (as if undoing) until the threads “click”, ie you’ve just gone past the start of the thread. Then turn the other way to do up.

This places the maximum amount of thread round the whole rim of the bottle in direct contact with each other and minimises the the possibility of cross threading. It’s a technique used by car mechanics and many others building or maintaining anything that uses threaded bolts to avoid the possibility of cross threading.


One has to be very careful with this shaker. It is very easy not to close it properly as the screw is sort of narrow. After Huel ending up on my T-shirt for the second time, I have basically stopped using it. Now I use mostly the shaker which I got from Queal, it is much bigger and more convenient. The Huel shaker is not designed to work well with Huel, which requires lots of water and vigorous shaking to mix the drink.

Perhaps you have a faulty shaker? I have four of them and only made a mess the one time I forgot to close the flippy cap properly.

Thank you all for the answers.

  1. Unfortunately I did not “cross threaded” the lid :frowning:
  2. It doesn’t matter how the shaker is being held while putting the lid - on hand or on solid surface - it is still leaking the water;
  3. I’m a IT technician, not a ‘kid glove’ :slight_smile: i understand perfectly, how it is possible to cross thread it, but this is not the case :slight_smile:
  4. I have asked several people to try to close it without leaking - without a success, the bottle is still leaking :))

It seems like a fault bottle after all :frowning:

  1. I’m a IT technician, not a ‘kid glove’ :slight_smile: i understand perfectly, how it is possible to cross thread it, but this is not the case :slight_smile:

Hmm. Have you tried a reboot? :smiley:


Seeing as you’re sure it’s a faulty bottle, perhaps you’d have been better just dropping Huel an email explaining the situation rather than posting here? We can’t do much for you if you’re sure it’s a fault…

You are right, i have dropped them email already, they are sending me the replacement.

Thank you all once again.

My hands aren’t always as good as they might be when it’s damp and cold. An extra half turn or more on the screw when attaching top and bottom would be welcome just for reassurance, even if not to prevent actual separation of the shaker.