Huel bottle leaking

My Huel bottle started to leak when shaking about 10 days ago

What bottle are you using? And where does the leak happen?

The new Huel bottle white and black.
Mostly if not completely from the screwcap.
When shaking the bottle I also got huel on my arms and maybe on my clothes.

The cap can be screwed past the point of sealing and won’t be sealed anymore. The alignment of the cap handle and a line on the bottle black part is where you want to stop

I am not sure which part you are referring to or if it is the screwlid you are mentioning.
I think mine is leaking mostly or 100% from the screwlid

The circled part is the one I’m referring to. The handle has to be aligned to a line you can see on the lower black part, if you screw it too much, it will leak, too loose, it will leak.


Maybe on your clothes…? :face_with_monocle:


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I always wondered why the loose did not align properly, this explains it then. Thanks.
Although it just feels kind of loose and not properly screwed on.

Sorry to hear this, I would get in touch with the CX team, doesn’t sound right and could be a defect. I’m sure they will help you out!

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I got 3 bottles, all the same. I’m pretty sure it’s not defective

Thanks, I got helped really well. I love the bottle’s design and colors

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All my new shakers also leak from the area where the white/black parts join together. Now i have just returned to the old shaker.

This is more likely to be due to the black part being wet from washing up. The seal is at the top of the black section, you will note you can squeeze the bottom part of the black section. So this means that if there is still water on the black section when you screw it in place it will come out at the base of the black section.

See if the the liquid coming out is actually just water and not Huel.

I get that, just a little drizzle of water coming from under the black section on shaking if it’s been under the tap beforehand.

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Not in my case, it is definitively Huel, since it is not a clear liquid like water. My guess is that when I screw it in place, if I use more force, the plastic of the shaker deforms and leaks liquid. In case I use less force, sometimes it is not completely screwed it and it will leak because of that.

If you’re using enough force to deform the plastic you’re overdoing it. It’s only plastic and shouldn’t really be subjected to ‘force’ at all, but just enough gentle pressure to snug the threads together.