Shaker bottle problem

Does anyone else have a problem with “lid-drip”. I’ll be halfway through enjoying my Huel, only to find that when shaking it, some has settled in the cap, only to drip out onto my hand/desk/keyboard (unpleasant!). Any way of solving this issue?


lick the cap is what most people do…not ideal…


I suck the lid out before I start the main course.


I simply moved onto a different shaker. I have a stainless steel one (although it has a plastic lid) from amazon. On the part of the lid that causes this problem, there is a ridge which the extra liquid falls into, so it doesn’t end up dripping down like with the Huel shaker.

I know this isn’t an ideal solution. The only other option, like others have said, is to lick it off (a bit awkward) or wipe it with a napkin (wasteful). So, also not ideal!

I use one of those; one issue I have with that is if I am wearing glasses or sunglasses when drinking my Huel, it will deposit a small amount on the frame, which can be embarrassing if I forget to check…I guess if you are not a speccy twat like me it it isn’t an issue, but if you are a grey smudge can look a bit odd.


which one? I dont like the one from Huel. Im using one from Joylent

Strength Shop Stainless Steel Shaker with Compartment

I mostly use this one, it’s handy because the compartment on the bottom can hold about 1-2 scoops of Huel to keep it separate before you want to make it. My only complain would be that the lid can be a little tricky to clean so you’ll want to rinse it as soon as you’re finished if possible. Otherwise it’s great and the shaker ball it comes with definitely helps with lumps, but it doesn’t have a mesh like the Huel one. No leaky lid, though.

Your link goes directly to the amazon home page unfortunately!

It’s working now :slight_smile:

mmm too big… dont like it much… You can storage the powder in the normal bottles and then just add water

I’ve got a couple of these that work ok

The Huel shaker is much worse than others, I dont know why, but in shakers like the old of Joylent, I barely make any lump, but in the Huel one, is crazy, a lot of lumps and big ones.

I recommend you to try different ones, because the experience improves a lot

And this is very personal, but I dont like the design of the Huel, specially the upper part.

Making sure you use the detachable plastic grille that sits just under the lid usually solves this (I find, anyway).

You can, but I’ve found with most powdered foods that if you add the powder before some water, you tend to get clumping and sticking more.

Weird, in my case is just the opposite

I started off with the recommended 400ml of water then tried 500ml thinking it might dilute the lumps a bit, but have found that using less water to start with produces less lumps. So I start with 300ml of water then add 3 scoops of Huel, give it a good shake then top up to 750ml (the plastic grill) & give it another good shake. This produces a smooth mix, almost as lump free as using a blender.
I then drink about 300ml & top up to the grill again to make the meal last a bit longer & increase my fluid intake.

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I bought a bottle from Amazon, one with the screw mouthpiece and it works just fine. The Huel bottle is messy with drips from the spout. Also, I mix mine in a blender so have no problem with clumps.

It’s like a huel user badge, a nice 2cm brown line on the shoulder of a white business shirt

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I have never had these problems with the Huel shaker. I lick the cap before I start drinking so it doesn’t drip. Whatever happened to non-dickhead common sense?

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I did that once at work while a colleague entered the kitchen from behind a corner with a quick pace. I made instant eye contact during the lick…

After that I started waiting for a minute until I uncap it, so the Huel inside the cap has dripped into the shaker.