Shaker design problem: drips from opened cap

Hi, I see there is a general problem with the shaker that came from with my first order. It has a plastic cap over the drinking spout that gets filled with the liquid when it’s shaken. Then, when I open it, the liquid slowly drips down onto the main body of the shaker.

This really means that I need to clean the cap after shaking, which is quite inconvienent. I would keep this in mind for a redesign of the shaker.

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I’ve had similar - never thought to post really but my black shirt at work is often huel-splattered in the afternoon!

Rather grossly I lick that bit with the end of my tongue before drinking to avoid the drip. I’ve had the same make of shaker for protein shakes and adopted the trick / habit some time ago and just carried it on with Huel.


I do this too though always worry that work colleagues will see me do it and think I’m a bit weird :smile:


haha my colleagues already think I’m weird



But I wasn’t going to mention it.

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We do it openly and freely here in the Huel office. I just assumed it was something everyone would do automatically!


+1 for licking the cap!


+2 for licking the cap

+3 for licking the cap without even realising I’m doing it.

I tend to find the plastic thing inside more trouble. Since even after a lot of shaking I occasionally get some lumps I take the lid off to get the last few bits, but that plastic thing drips everywhere.

I dispensed with that after getting blender / shaker balls. It is designed to reduce lumps, some would say act as an ice guard, but to be honest I found it serves no function for me and the blender / shaker balls are far better in my opinion. If I’ve not shaken the beejeebers out of the mix and end up with lumps I add more water with the dregs, shake and drink. I particularly like the occasional lump of flaxseed. Very tasty.

+5 for sticking my finger nail into the cap to get solid bits out.


Yep, I am a cap licker too. :tongue:

Once I forgot to and got a huge blob of Huel in my eye. Can I sue?

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