Any informations about a better shaker

Actual shaker don’t have a secure cap, any plan to offer another choice of shaker ?

Strange … my shaker cap (I have a couple of huel shakers) seals perfectly and doesn’t leak !
Took it to work with 300ml water in it (powder in a separate small container) and it was absolutely fine …
I bought a back up shaker from Poundland for …£1 ! And this is fine too !

Yes that’s strange, maybe your shaker lid is faulty then, I have 2 and they both seal ok,no leaks.

I find with the shaker lid you really have to give a push down and make sure it’s sealed all round but then it could be that it’s fairly new.

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I think that’s how it’s meant to be. My shakers have never leaked from the lid.

I like my Huel shakers like I like my women. Firm and non leaky.


And fairly new ??? Hunzas

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I don’t mind them a bit rough round the edges. Shows character.

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I’ve never had one leak on my bag, no matter how vigorous my activity.

Are you talking shakers or women?

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