Bad seal

Hey! I have trouble with shaking because even when I make sure the seal is tight and I’m holding it the right way so I don’t unscrew it while shaking the shaker is just not sealing the way it did the first few days of use. I keep getting my hands full of shake lol. Any advise?

Buy a new shaker?
I’d guess that you’ve accidentally cross threaded the lid so it will no longer seal properly. If it were a defect it would have been like that from the start, but as you say, it worked perfectly when you got it.

It does sound like something has happened to stop the closure, as this typically shouldn’t be the case with our shaker design.

If you think there is something wrong with the manufacturing or something about the design looks off contact with some photos so we can check this out.

I always turn it the wrong way a few times until I can be sure it has landed straight, so when I tighten it to close it will be properly and avoid leaks during shaking. Unless you’re sure it’s a defect or damage, this might help?

and no need to overtighten, just snug is enough, same with the cap. gently does it.