Is it only me

Is it only me that thinks the new Mexican Chili H+S tastes like a spicier Tomato & Herb?
Similar texture and the tomato background. It is spicy but I think it needs more cumin and/or paprika for more of the “barbecue” smokey hit.
It’s still very good but is too similar for me.
I was hoping to order one bag of each flavour in future, but i’ll now probably go for two bags of TGC and then a T+H or a MC, probably the MC.
That being said its a welcome addition and I do love, and am enjoying all three

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Thanks for the feedback Darren, it is really appreciated.

We’ll make sure to pass this on for you, to see if we could make any changes in future.

Are there any flavours in particular you would like to see for future Hot & Savoury products?

Hi Charlotte,
Many thanks for your message.
Utilising rice you could produce a risotto type dish, and how about using noodles and some Chinese five spice with vegetable?
The first three are really good, especially in the winter when the thought of a cold shake doesn’t appeal.

Take Care

Great ideas! I couldn’t agree more Hot & Savoury is my staple now in the colder months.

You too!

Definitely not right.

I really don’t like the tomato and herb, I have tried dozens of things but nope, cannot take to it at all.

Mexican Chili has a completely different base I think, i really like it.