Feedback on Chili flavour

Firstly, I will preface this by saying very well done, it’s another excellent flavour and ticks a lot of boxes for me.

That said, let’s get into this in further detail:

  1. Appearance
    well I don’t know really. I mean I make it in a Huel branded pot thingy (thank you guys!) and then cover it up for several minutes. The few times I’ve looked at it, it’s not appeared like poo or something, it’s been what I expected.

  2. Texture
    This falls over a bit for me here. Maybe I’m making an unfair comparison but the texture of Thai Green Curry flavor is much better. This flavor doesn’t have an unpleasant texture, I can feel there are some beans in there somewhere (not looked at the ingredients so guesstimating here) just that the textures are not as crunchy or as raw feeling as I would like.

  3. Flavour
    Ok so this one gets a big big win from me. A short while later and I can still taste the flavours. I do a silly trick with friends sometimes where I make them spaghetti bol or chili and don’t mention that it has been made with Quorn rather than beef. No one has ever picked me up on this and I reckon I could sneak this in with a bit of cooked Quorn and some rice and none of them would be any the wiser.

  4. Acessability
    As a disabled person, this can be quite a difficult topic, because sometimes stuff which may seem perfectly reasonable can in fact be quite a chore. Perfect example is liver and onions with mushrooms.

Have fun doing that one and needing to wander back and forth between cupboards and fridges and using several different knives.

Anyway, delighted to report that as with all hot and savoury stuff by huel, this is very simple to make. One little pot, one little spoon, one little kettle, Job Done.

A decent addition, I’m glad I ordered it and I will definitely include it within future orders. Nothing touches the Thai Green Curry flavour, much as I wish it did of course ! But nonetheless I feel that this is a really solid and worthy flavour to add to the brand.

Hugely looking forward to whatever else the boffins come up with next, not sure anything can dislodge TGC but I hope to be proved wrong!


Nice review!

About this, I thought the same betweent TG and TH, the first having a much better texture. For me, it was a combination of enjoying the taste more in TG (so not caring about texture as much) and certain ingredients in TH not “rehydrating” to a nice texture. It felt less pleasant to chew on.

Interesting. You might be right, this was my first impression.

Aside from it being new to me tho I really did drop into it from a completely new and hopefully (!) non biased opinion, as much as I could!

Completely get what you’re saying about how the taste might sway our opinion in other areas. Not sure. It’s not like o didn’t like the taste, totally the opposite - I think the Huel flavour boffins have totally knocked this one out of the park!

I just feel that it’d be a bit better if maybe we could enjoy a bit of crunch with the beans?

And yes, one day I will learn how to sleep. But that is not this day.

Yes, definitely agree with this.


I’ve been picking out the green beans. Takes forever, but it’s now so much better and palatable.

Thank you for the review!

It’s so interesting to hear everyone’s thought on Hot & Savoury especially as such a new product. Thai Green is also my fav and I think it will be hard to beat in my mind as I love the flavour combination so much.

We definitely all have our favourites and I enjoy Mexican Chilli, however a tip I’ve found useful is the longer you leave the water in with a lid over it the better I find it. I typically like to give it 7-10 minutes.

Are there any flavours in particular you would love to see us come out with in the future?

Yes, definitely. I always leave mine covered for at least 10mins

Heya Charlotte,

Thanks for the response. I find that the longer I leave the water in with the contents it gets a little more soggy, which is the exact opposite of what I wish to create! Each to their own of course!

I don’t like mushrooms really but I think there is a strong communal request for mushroom risotto style. As I said not for me but in the interests of being an active and fair member of our community I should probably make that request.

For me personally, I would love to taste a Huel made in the flavour of a Tikka Masala sauce.

Ironic because I had never even eaten a curry until I was 35, then married an Indian Laady and the first time I met her family, her mum made a curry. I was too polite to say no, lol, but thereafter I was totally hooked!

In many senses of the term, heh, sadly the marriage lasted rather less time but my love of Indian curry has endured!

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Mushroom risotto, mushroom stroganoff or tikka masala would (hopefully!) go down very nicely, thanks!


Heh surely as a FODMAP specialist the last thing you need (let’s not discuss want!) would be something spicy like Masala…!

Edit: I’m trying to get my mum to look into FODMAP concepts because she has a really difficult time with things too. Any starter concepts or pages you could recommend would be gratefully received.

I can get away with some high FODMAP foods if I only have one helping, others foods can hit me hard with even a small sample. It doesn’t always follow, in my case, that if I stick religiously to a low FODMAP diet that my digestive problems magically fade away. All I can do is try stuff out and if it doesn’t suit, don’t eat it again. Both T&H and TGC contain onions and garlic yet I can eat it, whereas something else containing onions and/or garlic might give me hell for a few days. It can be really frustrating at times.

I tend to use this website as a guide:

I also have this app on my phone:

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Have forwarded both to my mum with a copy of your post. Thanks @Bee I really appreciate that and value your knowledge in this area.

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My ‘knowledge’ is what I have garnered for myself on the subject by researching the better internet sites. IBS is notoriously contrary and very subjective. I was diagnosed the best part of 20 years ago, so is not new to me. I was given no advice really apart from avoiding foods that disagree with me, haha, no mention of FODMAPs back then, I found that information for myself, and to take colpermin or buscopan if and when needed. I don’t take either as I found they didn’t help.

I actually find that the veg in this one are more crunchy, or at least more chewy.

i do a similar trick and feed my vegan friends meals with beef mince in it and they don’t notice.*

*of course I don’t but it has been done.

Shocked face.

If someone fed me something under those circumstances then they would no longer be a friend. Taking away is fine, adding? Not so much.

Vaguely amusing story for you. Pal of mine came to Colston’s, having been expelled from Clifton. He was in Brown’s House and had been using the microwave every Saturday to cook himself a bacon double cheeseburger.

Brown’s at the time was a Jewish House. I mean I know a little bit about Jewish foodstuffs and the manners in which you are allowed to eat, and combine and all that, but yeah.

Bacon double cheeseburgers are right out.

I would agree with everything but the texture point and where it would rank, for me - the texture of this one really tricked my mouth into thinking that I was eating actual chilli and the flavour just slightly pushed higher than the TGC too so I would put this as my number one now.

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High praise indeed!

Obviously I’ll have to exclude your opinion because you dared to find fault with TGC! :joy::joy:

TGC was my fave before, but MC has edged it out for now. At least the first couple of tries of it anyway (and with a splash of hot sauce :stuck_out_tongue:)

How very dare you!

Heh. We all have different opinions on flavours. I’ve heard rumours that some people even find Tomato and Herb to be their favourite!

I suppose variety is what makes the world go around!