First try of Madras

I made an order of huel a day ago and it was delivered the next day such a fast delivery service, i opened the box up i ordered the hot and savoury , i received x4 packets. Two scoops. And a great pot to make my meals in and also an awesome t-shirt to add to my gym wear collection. I opened a bag of the madras and could smell the flavour it was amazing my mouth watered i couldn’t wait to get it ready, i done 2 scoops into my pot and waited for the kettle to boil, i then put in the water and mixed it all up the smell of the flavour was even more intense i closed the lid and waited 5-6 minutes, took the lid of and got stuck in, it was full of flavour and such a good meal, i cant wait til dinner time now to try the korma one. I will definitely be ordering again such a great product, i have even told my gym buddys about it and they have even put in orders and used my referral code so i even get to save on my next order happy days thanks huel


Hey John, welcome to the team. Sounds like those Hot & Savouy flavours are going down a treat! I’m loving the madras too, that’ll be my lunch today. How was the Kormas for dinner? So pleased that you’ve managed to scoop up a few discounts from your friends, that is the dream! Keep it up and let us know how you get along!

p.s. hope you don’t mind, I’m going to amend the title of the topic to something a little more descriptive rather than ‘new topic’

My first try of Madras today, best flavour yet in my opinion. I’ll be trying the Mexican Chilli later this week.


Just fired up the Madras for the first time. I’m a fan. Amazing taste, solid kick! Def a new fave and I loved Thai so that’s a power play for Madras :open_mouth:


Thanks for the sound review, Ben! Madras is great, I find sometimes it’s too hot for me! I often have coffee at lunch and the spiciness doesn’t go well with hot drinks, which is a shame as I love spicy food. Will you be making TGC and Madras parts of your regular subscription?

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I give the madras a second place, cant beat the thai. Would be interesting to see how real indian dishes can be incorporated as opposed to fake British re-interpretations :grimacing:
although i get the mass market appeal

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yeah got to keep it simple/stupid - its basically just a name/taste approximation/association thing anyway, which is probably why they are marketed as the more generic sounding Yellow Coconut Curry and Spicy Indian Curry in the States - as they dont go for the colonial inventions much in their curry restaurants.

I can’t wait for mushroom risotto :mushroom: (could only find something that looks like fly agaric :see_no_evil:)

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I now have a craving for asparagus (and mint) risotto.