Just had my first Taste of Huel Tomato and Herb

I was really dubious about this product, thinking it would be an expensive pot-noodle - totally wrong, it tastes great, textures are just right flavours are excellent and so easy to make. Really an ideal lunch following training. Well done to the Huel team you got this one right first time.


its proving to be pretty versatile too - i’ve used it on its own, added a thicker mix to wraps with with other ingredients used an immersion* blender to make a soup out of the TGC, used T&H to form the base of tomato and sausage casserole - all very nice.

*hipster/Jamie Oliver term for a hand blender - apparently


fat tongued twat

*hunzas term for a Jamie Oliver.


Yesssss :partying_face: thanks so much for this glowing review. We’re so pleased with the first result and really happy you are too.

Hueligans on the forum happy first time too, welcome to a new age of Huel :space_invader: :upside_down_face:

Oi. I won’t have a bad word said about Jamie.