New Hueligan

First time using Huel this week. Had read about it in the past, and having just been told I’ve got high cholesterol (runs in the family, Familial Hypercholesterolemia is a bit of a mouthful) thought I’d give Huel a go as a way of adding a modicum of decency to my diet.

I went for the Hot & Savoury, as I’m not a big fan of meal replacement drinks - although the free Strawberries & Cream is quite nice actually. I think I just prefer to sit and eat an actual meal…

The first H&S I tried was the Korma. Really quite tasty! Will probably make this with some grilled chicken in future - I was pleasantly surprised! Will probably give the Madras a go with the next order as well.

Mac & Cheeze. Nice enough, but not as nice as I was expecting. I followed the instructions but found that the pasta was a bit crunchy still, hopefully leaving it longer than 5 mins will solve this. Disappointingly, I found it wasn’t cheesy enough! I don’t know what vegan cheese replacements usually taste like, but this definitely didn’t remind me of any cheese I’ve ever tasted. It’s palatable, but not as enjoyable as I was hoping - I was thinking this one would probably become a staple of my diet but without dropping a load of grated mature cheddar into it I’m not sure…

The 3rd one I had was the Mexican Chilli. Very nice! I do like a bean, so they were very welcome. Only thing I find slightly annoying about it is the little brown seeds that are too small & slippy to chew and have a habit of sticking in my teeth. Overall though, a winner.

So, as a bloke living on his own who can’t be arsed cooking for one, it’s a thumbs up from me as something I can prepare quickly and easily amongst the bowls of pasta that I normally fall back on.

Let’s just gloss over the atomic flatulence…

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atomic flatulence is not to be sniffed at.

Hey Russ, great to hear about how it is all going, but obviously sorry to hear about your recently diagnosed health condition. But welcome on board and here’s to hopefully some improvements!

Oh for sure, but if you’re ever on the go and don’t have time to sit down for a traditional meal then do take a look at the powders, and especially RTD!

I’ve got some Madras on the go at the moment and loving it. Up there top 3 Hot & Savoury for me!

Yeah I think 10 is good for this. Add a little more boiling water if it gets too thick after waiting a few more mins too.

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself, hope this becomes a regular for you.