Just wanted to share my thoughts

So I didnt expect much when I ordered huel, I’m not dieting or anything, I just wanted to try it cuz I needed easy depression meals with actual nutritional substance to them and I had a coupon. Come to find out, I’m actually a big fan. Its only been a week but I can physically feel the difference in my stomach. I feel full, nourished, and most surprising was I actually enjoyed the taste (and not to mention- the bags were bigger than i thought they’d be).

No shade, I thought it was going to be supplementy or cardboardy like most meal replacement products, but it was actually very pleasant. Its not mind blowing or anything- the sauces are very mild in flavor (the mushroom could mushroom harder, the cheeze could be cheezier) and theres a tiny bit of grit to it (but thats to be expected for what it is and it wasnt enough to be off-putting), but for me these served as a great base for any added toppings or seasonings I would usually use. For example I already had some homemade mac and cheeze leftover and I added the huel mac and cheeze into it- it actually became richer, creamer and tastier than it was before, it enhanced everything that was already there. Ive also been eating the chk’n and mushroom with some added greens, and I’m just really enjoying them as a concept of a savory meal replacement SAUCE as opposed to an actual meal or just another meal replacement protein shake powder.

So I’ve been thinking…Huel, yall could just skip the pasta and stuff and just sell that powder. That stuff is amazing. I love how fatty it feels, how thickening it is, it would be such a nice thing to add to sauces and gravy to add base note flavor, texture and a boost of nutrients. Not saying to stop selling the pasta (cuz putting them together is still a brilliant idea) I’m just saying- I would buy that sauce powder by itself so I could just add it to my own recipes. Do with this information what you will, but in conclusion: great job and thanks for making my brain and my tummy happy!

Welcome to the forum and to Huel :black_heart:

I’m so pleased to hear how much you’ve enjoyed Huel and how helpful it’s been! I always like to add different things to my Huel ( extra mushrooms to chick’n & mushroom) and usually broccoli to the grain dishes. But the great thing about Huel is how you can personalize the dishes to your taste.

We don’t have any current plans for this, however, we have had this suggestion a couple of times before and I will make sure to pass this feedback on for you :slightly_smiling_face: