Late night daft idea #276: avoid H&S pasta-to-sauce inconsistencies by providing the pasta and powder separately

I know this sounds daft but hear me out:

A seemingly-vast number of H&S complaints arise because otherwise-food-savvy users are finding it almost-impossible to get a consistent ratio of pasta to powder.

So why not create an H&S bag with two internal sections - one plain pasta, the other just powder.

On the instructions, tell users to use one scoop of each (assuming that’s roughly correct - if not, my whole idea might need some more thought…) and voila - every serving has the right ratio of ingredients.

Ok, I’ve donned my asbestos flame suit. I’m ready for your ridicule, people of the internet :grimacing:



Nah. People that can’t cope with shaking a bag are never going to be able to comprehend two separate scoops.

I’d love this. I regularly remove the pasta from some of their flavours.

This is something we could consider, however, as the ratio of pasta/grains to other ingredients varies from flavour to flavour, we would have to do a lot of tinkering on our end to make things consistent across the range. Unnecessary? Maybe. Needed? Maybe.

As some of the other comments suggest, the easiest way to get a good scoop is to give your pouch a proper shake before serving. No scoop is ever perfect, but we can get close enough if we try :upside_down_face:

I have one more suggestion on this. May be you can sell only the powder and no pasta so we can use it along any pasta that we like such as lentil pasta, whole wheat pasts and all :grin:

Maybe you could also put sweets and chocolate cake in

I always think that Huel H&S can come in smaller “paper bags” within the big bag. So, when I open the big bag, I have 7 small paper bag inside. One for each meal. Each bag having the correct mix of ingredients, bringing the ideal consistency. This is probably the biggest wish I have for Huel H&S ever since I became a Hueligan :slight_smile:

And an inflatable chef that will make it for you and even spoon it into your mouth as you recline on the chaise longue all day long.

Now THAT is an idea :hugs:

This is a good idea if financially viable

This would be great, but so expensive! Also the carbon footprint would be massive creating this much packaging.

What do you think of a single pot like with the noodles you see in supermarkets which would make H&S more grab and go?

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If the reason that you wouldn’t do paper sachets in a box of 7 meals is carbon footprint, surely you also can’t do individual plastic pots?
I would have thought that paper sachets like many porridge and soup companies use would be better for the world than pots?

Wouldn’t it be even more packaging? I specially mentioned “paper bags”, it can be the cheapest and most recyclable option since these bags are going to come in the bag that H&S already comes in.

Yeap both great points, let’s put this into context.

With the current 7 meal pouch adding 7 paper bags would be an increase for not much gain.

But maybe a single use pot in a supermarket is an improvement. Here’s my thinking, people in a supermarket may pick a ready meal or a pot noodle which are less nutritious, less sustainable (depending on the packaging and if they’re animal-based) and may be more expensive too. So it’s about what are the alternatives.

What do you both think?

I think that honesty is the best policy, or at least say nothing rather than say something that isn’t true.
No we aren’t doing sachets because it increases costs is fine as an answer.
We want to flog pot noodles because we think we can make more money and reach extra customers is also fine.
With regards ‘there is no benefit’, that is also relative. No benefit to HUEL, sure, however benefit to the customer: certainly. Regardless not everyone would be happy, ‘oh I like 3 scoops’ etc.

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Definitely, it is a great medium to grab people into the world of Huel, but for those of us who consume it every single day, I don’t think it’s viable. There is going to be far too much packaging.

7 meal pouch, basically recycled paper bags, is it too much of an increase? I am not a production specialist, but, if the concern is packaging waste, surely 7 recycled paper bags is much less of a waste (not sure even if this classifies as a waste when recycled paper bags are used). The gain is, perfect consistency and just the right amount of nutrition, every meal.

That’s my two cents.

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Totally fair pushback, thanks.

Agreed, it’s like RTD vs Powder in that sense.

Yes it is, I was thinking with a retail hat on. For buying online this makes sense.

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I don’t think this is crazy at all. I’ve often thought I’d quite like to be able to buy the sauce separately so I’d boil my own pasta and make up the sauce saving me the headache of getting the ratio right (which I do stress about!)

I’d LOVE a Huel ‘Pot Noodle’ but appreciate the single use plastic doesn’t sit well with the eco aspirations of Huel.

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Its good idea but not viable.