H&S New Flavour Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

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I keep seeing suggestions for new H&S flavours dotted about but couldn’t see one particular thread dedicated to suggestions, so I though I’d start one! If there already is one, feel free to call me a numpty and I’ll remove (the post, not your comment, I’ll accept my numptiness)!

The two flavours I’d really like to see are carbonara, and something noodle based! A chicken noodle favour like you can buy in packets (not wanting to mention any brands but you get the gist) is what’s in my head!

Does anyone else have any H&S flavours you’d like to see?


We can keep this as the H&S thread! Will see how it takes off! Look forward to hearing some suggestions!

A Chinese style dish with rice noodles rather than wheat would be good. I’ve seen similar things from the supermarket noodles you add hot water to, but they aren’t nutritionally complete, also the noodles would have to be in small bits I guess if they are in conventional Huel bags. Large noodles would be difficult to portion out.


Several months (or perhaps a year) ago, you did a competition on your socials (Facebook if I’m not wrong), where you asked us to guess the new flavour coming for H&S. I called out pasta with ragù (which is mostly the same as Pasta Bolognese). I’ll go with other traditional Italian suggestions:

  • carbonara
  • amatriciana
  • mari e monti (fish and mushrooms)
  • pesto alla bolognese

And I’ll also add some other fav of mine:

  • courgette & salmon risotto
  • fried rice
  • Some filled dumplings
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All sound absolutely delicious! Would definitely love a pesto as it’s one of my faves, hopefully with pine nuts and no cashews for me due to a nut allergy (I know, pine nuts with a nut allergy sounds weird but I’m fine with them as they’re kernels I think?)

Absolutely love this idea! I know these rice noodle pots well as I was gluten intolerant for a little while but luckily managed to get back to it!

Maybe a chow mein type dish! I don’t mind the noodles being broken up as I tend to crush the packs up quite a bit when I make other instant noodles anyway and prefer them that way!

I wonder if rather than being long waves the dry noodles could be coiled up so they could unravel when cooked, might be another way to get around the scoop issue if it’s doable!


Pesto alla bolognese has no cashew and the original recipe requires pine nuts :slight_smile:

Music to my ears! Definitely going on my recipes to try list!

Gravy and dumplings
Satay-drenched noodles

I’d also like to see two or three soup options, aka H&S with no bits/no need for fork.

Not really a flavour per se but on a different thread I discussed the possibility of either gluten free pasta or the pasta versions as just the sauces.

Any risottos would be amazing!

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Any chance of more H&S with chives for those of us who can’t tolerate onions and garlic?

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Maybe they can flavour it with asafoetida. When I used to eat at Krishna temples they used it as a substitute and I regularly cook with it now. Stinky stuff if you get it wrong. Have you ever used it?


Yes I do use asafoetida (yes it smells disgusting) and often use garlic infused olive oil too.


There are some fantastic vegan ready meals out there these days that I’m sure could be successfully translated to H&S. One particular one is the ‘one pot’ West African Peanut & Chickpea With Red Rice (https://groceries.aldi.co.uk/en-GB/p-inspired-cuisine-one-pot-west-african-peanut-chickpea-with-red-rice-380g/4088600282091). Actually all the one pot stuff is awesome and could probably be translated well.


Yeah, I can see that one working and a really good one too.

A Breakfast one. I dont really like sweet foods at all, so dont really enjoy a shake for breakfast.

Some sort of egg, bean, tomato thing?

Scrambled tofu (ive seen dried tofu so shouldnt be too hard?)
Potato (like hash brown, so shredded?)
Facon flavouring
Tomato and maybe cheeze flavouring for the sauce?

Other than that, I second the Satay noodles. I love Satay.


You can use the tomato and herb?

Low(er) carb meals, I have type 1 diabetes, low carb means less glucose spikes. Huel black is perfect!

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Could do, pasta isnt super breakfasty, but i could add an egg and some facon flavouring i have. Thanks for the idea!

Some great suggestions, can certainly see them doing a whole range of noodle based H&S, so many flavours you could do. Also love the sound of a chicken satay H&S!

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